1. having seven units or components
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How To Use septuple In A Sentence

  • Searle and Vanderveken go on to define illocutionary force in terms of seven features, claiming that every possible illocutionary force may be identified with a septuple of such values. Saving Prostitutes in Sevilla
  • Federal Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data dug up by reader Tino suggests that the recent American Housing Bubble was, more than anything else, a Hispanic Housing bubble, as total mortgage dollars handed out to to Hispanics more than septupled from 1999 to 2006! Steve Sailer's iSteve Blog
  • The name septuple, sometimes applied to this system, refers to the fact that the number of trees in each group-unit is seven. The Pecan and its Culture
  • Septuple sin of Wilhelm sentence Christianity in having thought of suddenly and forcibly: Anger, is proud , lust draws eat too much at one meal , avaricious , lazy , jealous.
  • The $85 FDIC loan is paid off and the investor walks away having nearly septupled his cash. Financial Sector and Stocks Analysis from Seeking Alpha
  • Oh, aye, it's going to get septuple BUTT ugly once the pardon pen can no longer protect anyone. Obama Camp Uses McClellan Book To Parry McCain's "Baghdad Stroll" Attack
  • Such excitement has not occurred since 1998, when the first known set of live septuplets occurred in the United States.
  • (Im so alone pity me Im a septuple minority waaaaah) 3. waterdiluted Diary Entry
  • When she gave birth to septuplets, she became an instant heroine.
  • F2 are identical just in case they correspond to the same septuple. Saving Prostitutes in Sevilla
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