1. with possibility of separation or individuation
    the two ideas were considered separably
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How To Use separably In A Sentence

  • Perhaps not surprisingly, Switters, as an erstwhile cyberneticist, had some theories about the bicameral brain, its fractile reflection of a universe steeped in paradox: how, simultaneously and inseparably, it functioned both as a computer running programs and as a program being run, how its mastery of preemphasis often failed to protect it against random signals, viruses, or the meddling of -imps. Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates
  • these two are inseparably linked
  • In other words, what we, as human beings, perceive as matter (material) is inseparably connected to and sustained by electrical charges (energy) {fused, diffused, distributed and released by nitrogenic combustible gas mixture}. EzineArticles
  • Just like that -- arm in arm, joking, "ragging" -- she used to walk with him round about the home in Ireland -- the world to one another and none else in the world, except the mother who was so intimately and inseparably of them that years past her death they still spoke of her as if she were alive. Once Aboard the Lugger
  • George Eliot addresses this distinction between intellectual and felt understanding a number of times, especially in Middlemarch and Daniel Deronda: there's a difference between purely "theoretic" knowledge (ideas disconnected from feeling and practice) and true knowledge (bound up inseparably with one's relationship to the world). Relating
  • And is not that the period in which our conduct or misconduct gives us a reputation or disreputation, that almost inseparably accompanies us throughout our whole future lives? Clarissa Harlowe
  • These influencing factors interact with each and they do not function separably.
  • Although independently verified, I do not see how design isomorphism is inseparably tied to (non-human) ID itself .... A Dubious "Opportunity" for IDers
  • Although independently verified, I do not see how design isomorphism is inseparably tied to (non-human) ID itself. A Dubious "Opportunity" for IDers
  • Now because all is here gradually incorporated with the understanding -- inasmuch as in the first place we judge problematically; then accept assertorically our judgement as true; lastly, affirm it as inseparably united with the understanding, that is, as necessary and apodeictical -- we may safely reckon these three functions of modality as so many momenta of thought. The Critique of Pure Reason
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