How To Use Sensitising In A Sentence

  • It is a scene of abject desolation that illustrated how glib the assumption was that the occupational hazards of swings in fortune ends up desensitising players. Football's inside-story tellers change perceptions and expose the soul | Rob Bagchi
  • The treatment works by desensitizing the animals' immune system to a protein residing within their blood vessels.
  • Allergic contact dermatitis improves with removal of the sensitizing agent.
  • Is there then even a faint possibility of sensitising kids to the utopian ideals of freedom, justice and equality?
  • Thus, activated T cells treated with a variety of photosensitizing agents consistently exhibit an increased sensitivity to PDT relative to T cells in an unstimulated state.
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  • Cartoons and comics also have the potential to be used as an effective means of social communication and may be employed as a powerful tool for sensitising masses to a cause, or mobilising public opinion on an issue.
  • Since then, state-sponsored atrocities have been so huge and commonplace, and so desensitizing, that readers may have to pause to grasp Pipes's point: "The massacre, by secret order of the government, of a family that for all its Imperial background was remarkably commonplace, guilty of nothing, desiring only to be allowed to live in peace, carried mankind for the first time across the threshold of delib - erate genocide. Man Of The Century, Alas
  • Confused by this, I rub along the sides of my mouth, desensitizing my over-active nerves.
  • Riboflavin photodegradation and photosensitizing effects are highly dependent on oxygen and ascorbate concentrations.
  • Besides sensitising the people to the menace, the Central Bureau of Investigation should be permitted to act independently.
  • Jaar questions the desensitising role of the media and the global politics of representation. The Guardian World News
  • If you do that, then you really need to consider hyposensitizing her to the specific allergens that she is sensitive to.
  • Revelation is the sensitizing of persons to/to ward the divine activity with the invitation to participate in that purposive world.
  • Allergic contact dermatitis improves with removal of the sensitizing agent.
  • Years will go by performing these “treatments,” thereby desensitizing us all to their acceptableness. The Ashley Treatment: A Feminist and Disability Rights Issue?
  • In trying to sensitize people to crimes aimed specifically at minorities, they are inadvertently desensitizing them to the vastly greater threat of crime against everyone.
  • This invention relates to inhibiting flea-bite allergy by hyposensitizing the host.
  • If New Labour has been characteristic of anything it is desensitising us to issues such as welfare. Vulcans on the starboard bow
  • After the distal pancreatectomy for pancreatic adenocarcinoma, the patient received radiation and radiosensitizing chemotherapy treatments.
  • AN as an explosive component has one major drawback, it is very hygroscopic, meaning that it will attract and absorb moisture from the air desensitising or destroying the explosive. The Makeshift Arsenal, by Lowry Version 1.2
  • The government health officials have set up an operation in the area impounding jerrycans of crude waragi, arresting anyone caught selling crude alcohol and topping it up with sensitising the public about the dangers of crude waragi. - Latest Popular Stories, Instablogs Community
  • This is your classic dangling participle: the words discussing, sensitizing, and incorporating modify the subject, the more sensitive among us, but three other nouns stand between the participles and the subject. Deconstructing Obama
  • Our researchers hope to develop a hyposensitizing immunotherapy treatment using the naturally occurring disease as a model.
  • While handing over the charter to the President, the students were conscious of the fact that the youth imitated their role models in films and therefore sensitising film actors and directors was the most apt thing to do.
  • Mr Twentyman said violent entertainment was desensitising children and adding a frightening new level of danger to schoolyard fights. The Sydney Morning Herald News Headlines
  • After the offending antigens are identified, then a mixture of these antigens can be formulated into a hyposensitizing injection.
  • Who couldn't love watching Sarah Jessica Parker writing her funny little "you know, going on a date with a man is a lot like insert entire contents of episode" column, or Kim Cattrall desensitising everyone to the sight of her naked boobs so much that they may as well be made out of MDF, or either of the other two doing nothing at all ever. Jennifer Hudson Turns Slaggy For Sex And The City Movie
  • AN as an explosive component has one major drawback, it is very hygroscopic, meaning that it will attract and absorb moisture from the air desensitising or destroying the explosive. The Makeshift Arsenal, by Lowry Version 1.2
  • Nor was it an assessment of homoeopathy alone, but of homoeopathy in combination with avoidance of exposure to the sensitizing organism.
  • Thiazolidone derivatives also have very important physiological activities, and they can be used as a fungicide, radiation sensitizing agents, antihypertensive drugs and diabetes.
  • Applying lidocaine cream to your forehead may relieve migraine pain by desensitizing the nerves that trigger it.
  • In most instances a doctor would be present, since such reactions are most commonly seen very shortly after the person receives a desensitizing injection of the offending substance.
  • As a tool it looks at the preferences of individuals and it is good for sensitising people to their differences and how they approach tasks.
  • Photographers then added other sensitizing chemicals and allowed the plate to dry to a tacky consistency before dipping it in a bath of silver nitrate and other ingredients.
  • Because what we have done in the home by desensitising him allows him to laugh and walk away. Controversy
  • Metformin, a biguanide and insulin-sensitizing agent, has been used to restore menstrual cyclicity and induce ovulation in PCOS without the use of additional fertility drugs.
  • The treatment works by desensitising the immune system so its reaction to a particular substance is reduced over time.
  • If only I had the budget, I would like to demonstrate that bungee jumping has a far greater effect in 'desensitising people to violence', by the criteria presented in this paper. Review of Carnagey, Anderson, and Bushman
  • While the teaching video focuses on children's reactions to transitional changes, this video complements exercises presented in the guide that focus on sensitizing teachers to children's responses to change.
  • Prostaglandins promote the development of hyperalgesia by sensitizing nociceptive neurons.
  • The entertainment programme included a play by the college students, sensitising them to nutrition and personal hygiene, screening of a cartoon movie and a visit to the college's computer centre and a library meant for children.
  • PDT uses a combination of photosensitizing drugs and light of the correct wavelength to destruct tumor cells.
  • Mice produced reaginic antibody within 1 wk of painting with the contact sensitizing agent picryl chloride.
  • This course aims at sensitizing students to the hidden gender codes within our education institution.
  • Topical application of agents including caries preventive agents, tooth desensitising agents, surface anaesthetic and plaque controlling agents.
  • They should not just be harvesting the man-eating crocodiles without sensitizing communities on their potential to contribute positively to tourism.
  • It appears from this study, comparing oxygen radical yields of these substances with those of the photosensitizing dyes in the classes including the xanthenes, acridines, thiazines, and phenazines, that these dyes may be even more potent producers of these highly toxic radicals.
  • The CAM practitioner injects extracts of suspected allergens under your skin with the goal of eventually desensitizing you to them.
  • However, the data presented suggest that some photosensitizing effect in humans is possible, although lower than that exerted by other drugs such as quinolone antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs or phenothiazines.
  • The process of sensitizing us to child porn also forces us to eroticize children.
  • Black and white photographic emulsions are composed of layers of silver halide crystals, with additional small amounts of various sensitizing agents, suspended in gelatin.
  • However, application to the skin is problematic because the photosensitizing properties of the benzophenone moiety may cause phototoxic effects when the treated skin region is exposed to UVA light.
  • This distinction is significant, because cinnamic aldehyde is a sensitizing agent and can create both irritation and an allergic reaction when applied to the skin. Forever Young
  • There was the erotic desensitising but also not being able to get close to her because of the shame. Evening Standard - Home
  • Aimed at sensitising the male psyche to the vulnerability of women to sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS, the organisation is working on two phases.

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