[ UK /sˈɛnsləs/ ]
[ US /ˈsɛnsɫəs/ ]
  1. not marked by the use of reason
    reasonless hostility
    a senseless act
    mindless violence
  2. unresponsive to stimulation
    drugged and senseless
    he lay insensible where he had fallen
  3. (of especially persons) lacking sense or understanding or judgment
  4. serving no useful purpose; having no excuse for being
    a life essentially purposeless
    otiose lines in a play
    advice is wasted words
    a pointless remark
    senseless violence
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How To Use senseless In A Sentence

  • I don't think you're playing devil's advocate (a word every/filmer seems to want use) simply by making entirely senseless comparisons between films like Transformers and There Will Be Blood, and ranting on with points of view that even someone in defense of Transformers would never use. Things I Noticed While Watching 20 Minutes of JJ Abrams’ Star Trek | /Film
  • Pettin's men surged up the steps at them, weapons flashing in the guttery light; Del's screaming, shrill as an angry hawk's, stabbed through Joanna's panic like the senseless sounds of nightmare. The Silicon Mage
  • -this book, rather than, say, a senseless word melange from a certain governor clear on other end of the country? John Jeter: The Sanford Wife
  • Some senseless piece of this place be; Make me a mandrake, so I may groan here, THE CALLIGRAPHER
  • I have read this story and I feel sick and angry for the senseless pain inflicted on these women and girls. Afghan women hiding for their lives
  • His exhibition, Senseless, depicts the effects of what happens when people are deprived of the five senses.
  • If people are allowed to smoke themselves senseless on marijuana, why shouldn't they be free to inject heroin or freebase crack?
  • The chatter of Farash and the others seemed as senseless as the idiotic quacking of ducks, and yet at the same moment, they all seemed to be an integral part of the great design of things.
  • Wilfred had screamed Cora's name, and she'd flown down the stairs to find Wilfred holding a senseless Jane in his arms.
  • The interpreter turns to an obviously bored senseless Nic and repeats in a sing-song voice, ‘What do you like about Japan?’
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