How To Use Senior class In A Sentence

  • The Gist: Winning a national title ushered in unparalleled credibility for the Gators, and in some respects the greatest tension they faced recruiting the senior class was which guys to take and which to turn down. Blue Devils back on top on signing day
  • In the senior class alone, seventy students are Economics majors.
  • They were taking a team photo for the senior class yearbook; so all the members of the team were clad in navy colored shirts and shorts.
  • The flag was saluted, cheers given for the King and senior classes were given the task of writing a composition on the greatness of the British Empire.
  • The Women's senior class one coxed fours were also won by a York crew.
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  • During the weeks preceding my graduation from high school several people threw parties for the senior class.
  • She teaches a senior class.
  • After a hard early life I was proud to hear that my eldest nephew had managed to earn his way to the top ranks of his senior class.
  • Further ventures into prosody and theory I leave until senior classes.
  • Ann Homa, of York City, sculled well to win both women's senior class one and veteran class B sculls.
  • A senior class in Michigan came to slay on picture day.
  • Putting my actual weight and bad eating habits out there for my entire high-school senior class as fodder for our next reunion.
  • Sometimes the valedictorian or salutatorian of our senior class is one such student. Larry Strauss: Let's Honor All Our Honors Students -- Regardless of Where They Were Born or How They Got Here
  • The senior class (along with the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors) would split into random groups.
  • a member of the present senior class, well approved by the Faculty, offers as a candidate for a tutorship which is to become Letter from Joseph Caldwell to Col. William Polk, April 1, 1818
  • I openly defied the principal and made him look a fool in front of the entire senior class and he found a way to make me pay for it.
  • This year was also different because - although there was a pretty talented senior class - the gems of the camp were underclassmen.
  • He grew up in Brooklyn, the son of a well-to-do family, a letterman in three sports and the most popular boy in the senior class at Erasmus High.
  • At the assembly, as also in other events, those in senior classes can perform only classical art forms and dramas.
  • The second half of the evening was filled with drama, comedy and mime from the senior classes.

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