How To Use Send word In A Sentence

  • The woman of Panounias talked with him, and the sagamore “made a speech, in which he expressed pleasure at seeing us, desired to have an alliance with us,” and promised to send word to Indian leaders named Marchin and Sasinou, whom he called “chief of the Kennebec.” Champlain's Dream
  • With all the errands your father sends him to fetch, it is quite easy for him to send word to me.
  • When the legions had marched into camp outside Verona, Catulus Caesar knew the first thing he had to do was send word posthaste to Rome of the disaster up the Athesis; if he didn’t, he suspected Sulla would via Gaius Marius, so it was important that his be the first version Rome absorbed. The First Man in Rome
  • But if ye'd care to give me the names of your kin in France, I might manage to send word ahead-so they'll be fettled against your coming, eh? Sick Cycle Carousel
  • The busha would then send word to the Governor that the people had given up their children, not being able to support them, and the Governor would have the children bound to the busha, "and _then_," said they, "_we might whistle for our children_! The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus

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