1. bearing or producing seed or semen
    seminiferous tubules
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How To Use seminiferous In A Sentence

  • Leading from the seminiferous tubules are the tubuli recti or straight tubules lined only with columnar cells apparently derived from Sertoli cells.
  • When sexual intercourse, sympathetic releases a large number of going to armour adrenalin, quicken epididymis rear to be carried to the spermatozoon of seminiferous duct.
  • Finally, certain internal physiological processes may be the starting-point of the afferent physical stimuli leading to erection; for example, distension of the bladder, and also of the seminal vesicles, and of the seminiferous tubules of the testicle. The Sexual Life of the Child
  • When I snapped my first picture under the electron microscope, I was breathless at the detail of the image: I could see the long, lovely arch of the interior of a seminiferous tubule and a great mass of flagella whipping out into the lumen. Seed - Faith and the Scientific Image
  • The passage of sperm from the seminiferous tubules of the testis to the vas deferens takes about 12 days.
  • Seminiferous tubules showed disruption of the normal spermatogenic cycle with abnormal acrosomal development on round spermatids, clumping of acrosomes, misaligned spermatids and the absence of normal elongated spermatids in Ehd1 -/- males. BioMed Central - Latest articles
  • Testes from 18-day-old embryonic chickens were used to isolate seminiferous epithelial cells by sequential two-step enzyme digestion with collagenase and trypsin.
  • From the cords the seminiferous tubules are developed, and between them connective-tissue septa extend. XI. Splanchnology. 3. The Urogenital Apparatus
  • The testis is a pretty awesome organ, comprised mainly of a bunch of coiled loops called seminiferous tubules. ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science
  • seminiferous tubules
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