1. resembling the new moon in shape
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How To Use semilunar In A Sentence

  • The Semilunar Notch (incisura semilunaris; greater sigmoid cavity). II. Osteology. 6a. 4. The Ulna
  • Through the hiatus semilunaris the meatus communicates with a curved passage termed the infundibulum, which communicates in front with the anterior ethmoidal cells and in rather more than fifty per cent. of skulls is continued upward as the frontonasal duct into the frontal air-sinus; when this continuity fails, the frontonasal duct opens directly into the anterior part of the meatus. II. Osteology. 5d. The Interior of the Skull
  • The inferior vermis is subdivided from before backward, into (1) the nodule, (2) the uvula, (3) the pyramid, and (4) the tuber vermis; the corresponding parts on the hemispheres are (1) the flocculus, (2) the tonsilla cerebelli, (3) the biventral lobule, and (4) the inferior semilunar lobule. IX. Neurology. 4a. The Hind-brain or Rhombencephalon
  • The muscular substance of the heart itself is supplied with nourishment by two little arteries called the _coronary arteries_, which start from the aorta just above two of the semilunar valves. A Practical Physiology
  • The ventricular septum and the atrioventricular and semilunar valves were unremarkable.
  • Further, the tonsil extends for a variable distance under cover of the glossopalatine arch, and is here covered by a reduplication of mucous membrane; the upper part of this fold reaches across the supratonsillar fossa, between the two arches, as a thin fold sometimes termed the plica semilunaris; the remainder of the fold is called the plica triangularis. XI. Splanchnology. 2b. The Fauces
  • In human anatomy, this is the fold of skin covering the inner corner of the eye, normally from the top of the eye downward in a semilunar form.
  • The hiatus semilunaris is bounded inferiorly by the sharp concave margin of the uncinate process of the ethmoid bone, and leads into a curved channel, the infundibulum, bounded above by the bulla ethmoidalis and below by the lateral surface of the uncinate process of the ethmoid. X. The Organs of the Senses and the Common Integument. 1b. The Organ of Smell
  • Even more so than in Morganucodon, the anterior lamina of the petrosal is medially convex, leaving deep fossa for the semilunar ganglion, the root node of the trigeminal nerve.
  • In any event, the semilunar depression is a hallmark of archosauriforms, but is unknown in crown group archosaurs.
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