[ UK /sˌɛmɪˌɔːtəmˈætɪk/ ]
[ US /ˌsɛmaɪˌɔtəˈmætɪk, ˌsɛmiˌɔtəˈmætɪk, ˌsɛmɪˌɔtəˈmætɪk/ ]
  1. a pistol that is a semiautomatic firearm capable of loading and firing continuously
  1. (of firearms) capable of automatic loading and firing continuously
    an autoloading rifle
  2. partially automatic
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How To Use semiautomatic In A Sentence

  • Pistol-caliber semiautomatic carbines are light and handy, particularly easy for smaller or weaker people to deploy.
  • In the first of this three-part series on buying used guns we'll learn what to look for when considering the purchase of a pre-owned semiautomatic handgun.
  • Prior to the movement of the bounding element, they sweep the area in the semiautomatic mode to detect the presence of enemy forces without jamming their systems.
  • This is particularly true for older single - revolvers, but applies equally to some double - revolvers or semiautomatic pistols.
  • As mentioned, this is a semiautomatic chambered in .22 Long Rifle.
  • But all of them can easily fire a round every second or two; and the main constraint is the time it takes to aim again, which means that practically speaking semiautomatics and revolvers have a comparable effective rate offire. The Volokh Conspiracy » Are nearly all handguns “assault weapons”?
  • As any gunsmith or S&W armorer can attest, these guns - like any semiautomatic pistol - require lubrication of their long bearing surfaces or they may be unable to cycle as designed.
  • Historically, the Walther PP was the first commercially successful double-action semiautomatic pistol.
  • The men advanced in the sweltering, pitch-black night, scanning the landscape with night-vision goggles and armed with semiautomatic rifles fitted with silencers. Special Ops, Pig Patrol: Commando Wannabes Stalk Porky
  • Large-caliber firearms, semiautomatic pistols and assault rifles are forbidden to civilians altogether.
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