How To Use Sell short In A Sentence

  • The funds can buy equities, sell short and leverage their best ideas by buying and selling options.
  • The SEC contends in its most recent case that Thomas Badian's brother, Andreas Badian, an official at Rhino, directed three brokers who were affiliated with Refco Securities, two of them were also affiliated with another brokerage that was named in the case to sell short massive amounts of Sedona shares with "unbridled levels of aggression," intending to "clobber" Sedona's stock price until it collapsed. Naked Justice?
  • We won't sell short and make our fortune.
  • If you anticipate a drawn - out downtrend, it is better to sell short the underlying security.
  • With the backing of her then brother-in-law, she decided to design and sell shorts for windsurfers - capitalising on the island's windsurfing craze in the 1980s.

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