[ UK /sˈɛlfɪʃli/ ]
  1. in an egotistical manner
    he behaved egotistically
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How To Use selfishly In A Sentence

  • Cabinet Ministers are selfishly pursuing their own vested interests.
  • Selfishly speaking, I am almost tempted to let this state of affairs pass unremarked.
  • However, some insects selfishly lay their own eggs in empty cells rather than taking care of the queen's eggs.
  • Why are we so inconsistent, so irrational, so illogical and so selfishly shortsighted?
  • Inbreds like yourself have to be greedy and live life as selfishly as possible because your souls were condemned from the moment your mothers engaged in incestuous copulation with their fathers, uncles and brothers. Think Progress » Cheney Casts Deciding Vote to Pass Budget That Hammers the Poor
  • While some visitors speak enthusiastically of their visit here many of the residents prefer to keep rather tight-lipped perhaps wishing not to disturb the balance that keeps this place somewhat of a private paradise they selfishly wish to keep to themselves. Pedestrian Friendly?
  • The danger is that we can become selfishly myopic, turning our hearts toward home but our backs to the needs of the world. Christianity Today
  • The drive to accumulate can be used to better human existence, not just selfishly, for conspicuous over consumption, self-indulgence or exhibitionism.
  • Even if we look at the situation selfishly, we will see that Britain's sterling balance situation is a big factor in hindering a return to convertibility of dollars and sterling, which is affecting us very directly. Business Action
  • Two, that conservatives 'facility in articulation arises from their individual propensity to actually study-out the issues – they are individualists who selfishly relish responsibiltiy for their own thoughts and actions – and therefore can actually speak to the issues. Liberal bloggers admit conservatives have upper hand on Twitter
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