1. fertilized by its own pollen
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How To Use self-pollinated In A Sentence

  • Darwin figured that unless the plant was self-pollinated, which is rare, it had to be pollinated either by the wind or by an animal. Entomologists unite behind evolutionary theory - The Panda's Thumb
  • Sporobolus is mostly self-pollinated due to a high degree of sheath cleistogamy, while Panicum is a self-incompatible outbreeder.
  • For linkage analysis, self-pollinated progeny of the two plants were UVB irradiated for F 4 progeny testing.
  • Ovules from self-pollinated carpels appear to degenerate early in development.
  • Several insects, birds and mammals have been suggested or proven as likely pollinators, but some species appear to be self-pollinated or even cleistogamous.
  • In general, populations of insector self-pollinated plant species have lower genetic variation than populations of wind-pollinated species [10], and this seems to apply to arctic plants as well. Genetic responses of arctic species to changes in climate and ultraviolet-B radiation levels
  • Rice is a self-pollinated crop with small flowers that are monoclinous.
  • However, in a separate study, we observed that the amount and elongation rate of self-pollinated pollen tubes in the styles did not differ from those that were cross-pollinated.
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