How To Use Self-opinionated In A Sentence

  • The detective-sergeant was much younger and clearly far less tolerant and far more self-opinionated. A QUESTION OF PRINCIPLE
  • One now has to ask the question, is this columnist just a self-opinionated, uninformed, naive person?
  • Even the society of this self-possessed and self-opinionated young woman was preferable to being abandoned to his own maudlin company. STAGE FRIGHT
  • I'm committed, single-minded and self-opinionated.
  • Those who are tend to be ill-informed, self-opinionated, close-minded and negative in outlook.
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  • The man is ambitious, arrogant, self-opinionated, and has a blinkered vision that he alone is right, and that everyone else is wrong.
  • For that matter, he'd seen that loft being put together, knew it almost as well as that self-opinionated young architect had.
  • He was a self-opinionated man with a bellicose personality.
  • She is staunchly working class, curiously snobbish about the oddest things and dramatically self-opinionated.
  • Six out of every ten surveyed said they were glad he was back but felt he was self-opinionated.
  • Not only is he arrogant, by his own admission, but also ignorant (as in rude) and insulting with his self-opinionated, holier-than-thou, stance
  • There was a Union Deputy Minister who was rather self-opinionated and was also a bully.
  • Everyone will have scholarly and literary pretensions, scholars will become self-opinionated and fond of endless disputation.

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