1. designed to activate or move or regulate itself
    a self-activating sprinkler system
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How To Use self-moving In A Sentence

  • So let there be that self-moving thing, a sweet girl mentioned by innocence in an off moment because of her skin, because of the way rain beads up on it. fabulous birds
  • A true biomechanical automaton, self-moving, self-directing, wrapped in human flesh. Clockwork Angel
  • Yesterday on Boing Boing Gadget, it was review Thursday and we flushed our systems clear: Joel posted a thoughtful review of the Android G1 and horrible hair review of an iPod dock while Beschizza reviewed the self-moving chess set he always wanted as a youth. Boing Boing
  • (Clarke, p. 722) Clarke develops his own account of free will arguing that motives, pleasures and pains, reasons and arguments, are simply occasions for the self-moving power that is active to freely determine action. Anthony Collins
  • Oh, if that's all, I'll make myself into a live mummy and lie still; with Baby for a self-moving rattlebox to amuse me. The Woman's Advocate Vol. III
  • The same unwarranted equation of the two meanings of soul underlies the third argument, (3) the soul as self-moving, which states that since the soul moves itself and is the source of movement and life, it must be immortal because that which moves itself is incor - ruptible and ingenerable (Phaedrus 245C-246A). DEATH AND IMMORTALITY
  • For all men begin, as we said, by wondering that things are as they are, as they do about self-moving marionettes, or about the solstices or the incommensurability of the diagonal of a square with the side. 19 « June « 2008 « Jahsonic
  • Within the physical powers of self-moving and can be divided into two explicit.
  • That self-moving, selfcreating nation necessitated an Irish centre of policy, and I planned a premature impossible peace between those two devouring heads because I was sedentary and thoughtful; but Maud Gonne was not sedentary, and I noticed that before some great event she did not think but became exceedingly superstitious. Collected Works of W. B. Yeats Volume III Autobiographies
  • An automata is a self-moving machine, and so is a computer. Boing Boing: June 9, 2002 - June 15, 2002 Archives
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