1. feelings of excessive pride
  2. an exceptional interest in and admiration for yourself
    self-love that shut out everyone else
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How To Use self-love In A Sentence

  • Forasmuch as this self-love is so natural to them all that they had rather part with their father's land than their foolish opinions; but chiefly players, fiddlers, orators, and poets, of which the more ignorant each of them is, the more insolently he pleases himself, that is to say vaunts and spreads out his plumes. The Praise of Folly
  • Donegan, the owner and director of New York's Bikram Yoga Lower East Side, stepped out of her hot yoga studio to answer her "celly," as she calls her cell phone, and a few questions about Gaga's five minutes of self-love. Lady Gaga's Yoga Instructor on Self-Compassion
  • Self-honoring or self-love may seem like an odd step for job hunters, but being able to accept yourself, without judgment,(sentence dictionary) helps eliminate insecurities and will make you more self-assured.
  • Moreover, his perpetual struggle with men and things leave them no time for the coxcombry of fashionable genius, which makes haste to gather in the harvests of a fugitive season, and whose vanity and self-love are as petty and exacting as a custom-house which levies tithes on all that comes in its way. Modeste Mignon
  • Self-love also means forgiving yourself for any misdeeds or harmful thoughts.
  • Does internationalism not foster regionalism, with all the self-contempt and self-love that that involves (as we see in, say, international tennis)?
  • The reason of this is obviously self-love, which partly overbears the natural operations of this principle. A Practical Enquiry into the Philosophy of Education
  • But excessive self-love, or narcissism, could actually increase violence in schools.
  • The whole book is an exercise in self-love, disguised as an exercise in self-abnegation.
  • Our ˜natural benevolent affections™ guide us to do good toward some small sector of humankind (a small sector composed of our friends, promisees, colleagues, family, etc.), and stifling such natural tendencies would leave only “a very feeble counterpoise to self-love” and thus little from which to develop a more extended and generalized benevolence (434). Special Obligations
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