How To Use Self-loading In A Sentence

  • Police believe that two offenders, wearing dark clothing and riding a motorcycle or scooter, fired six shots at Gabriel from a 9mm self-loading pistol.
  • Arms comprising 7.62 self-loading rifles, a mini Uzi and various pistols including a Glock, a Browning, a Baretta, and an AR - 180 5.56 automatic rifle were also found.
  • Policemen were equipped with self-loading rifles, jeeps and even armoured tractors to chase militants into the fields.
  • Both were carrying Glock 9mm self-loading pistols.
  • These included self-loading pistols and sub-machine guns, which had the potential to be lethal weapons.
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  • The introduction of metal-jacketed cartridges containing a percussive, explosive charge and a bullet in a single unit enabled Gatling to invent a self-loading primitive machine gun.
  • I suddenly felt like a self-loading cargo, probably even ballast.
  • He said the gun, a semi-automatic self-loading pistol, had never been recovered.
  • He completed 29 voluntary training days, learning how to fire, strip and assemble self-loading rifles and machine guns.
  • All three admitted charges of conspiracy to rob and possessing a self-loading pistol with intent to rob.
  • Police divers found a 9mm self-loading pistol at the bottom of a river in Co Limerick in December.
  • There were also two dummy rocket propelled grenades and a dismantled self-loading rifle.
  • The weapon was a converted BBM "Bruni" self-loading pistol. It contained one bullet.
  • The launcher, which is mounted on a stretched Bradley chassis, is a highly automated self-loading and self-aiming system.
  • The final figures for the county reveal that four self-loading handguns, seven revolvers and three shot pistols were given up.
  • Gas-operated and self-loading from a thirty-round magazine, they could be fired from the shoulder or the hip.
  • The Marines sneered at the idea of a self-loading rifle, saying it would be too unreliable for combat.
  • Body shape than the original expansion to grow more than a foot, the most run-down self-loading pistols , old self-loading pistol action, not near it, you simply can not see.
  • The challenge has been to find a more or less off-the-shelf, self-loading shotgun that would meet stringent standards for effectiveness, reliability and maintainability at a reasonable price.
  • The pistols were entering the country at the rate of 65,000 units per year and were being snapped up by Americans eager to buy a quality, self-loading handgun for well under $200.
  • He also denies possessing a 9mm self-loading pistol and 220 bulleted cartridges with intent to endanger life on December 31.
  • Their heavier recoil sometimes is a challenge for the self-loading mechanism.

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