How To Use Self-hypnosis In A Sentence

  • To “prime” the mind to function in this way, it is helpful to study such subjects as metaphysics, self-hypnosis also known as autosuggestion, the psychic sciences, and positive affirmation. CREATE YOUR OWN FUTURE
  • However, a notable omission from this book is any discussion of how and when to teach patients self-hypnosis.
  • Retrospective VAS scores yielded significant improvements in year 1 in patients who had learned self-hypnosis: pollinosis symptoms -29.2 VAS score, range 0-100; SD 25.4; p Life of Brian:
  • I think I can feel your Tau-tau at work, the projection of your ki, but that may only be something of self-hypnosis. FLOATING CITY
  • A program combining cognitive behavior strategies, physical exercise, relaxation and information about chronic pain was compared with a control program of autogenic (self-hypnosis) training only.
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  • Indeed, you can never really be 100% sure that even the most audacious results you have seen with your own eyes were not perhaps a strange confluence of self-hypnosis, auto-suggestion or coincidence.
  • Yet she returns from these states of self-hypnosis riven with supernatural pleasure and shot through with natural pain.

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