[ UK /sˈiːð/ ]
[ US /ˈsið/ ]
  1. be in an agitated emotional state
    The customer was seething with anger
  2. foam as if boiling
    a seething liquid
  3. be noisy with activity
    This office is buzzing with activity
  4. boil vigorously
    The liquid was seething
    The water rolled
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How To Use seethe In A Sentence

  • The trouble is that that has now been tried on a large scale and the anger still seethes.
  • After promising in typical Trumpian modesty to replace a restaurant at a landmark New York beach with "the finest dining and banquet facility anywhere in the world," Donald Trump seethes four years later that visitors still must pass what he calls "a rat-infested dump. Trump stymied in bid to build at NY's Jones Beach
  • Greeks despite the EU treaty's "no bailout" clause are fuming against a "transfer union", while the high-spending French seethe at the notion of unelected bureaucrats forcing austerity on them. Moneycontrol Top Headlines
  • The class positively seethed with indignation when Julia won the award.
  • The harbor of the naval base seethed with activity.
  • At one point she thought she would laugh aloud at how prim and proper they both sounded, when just below the surface, tension seethed.
  • At the hospital in Scutari, the ward floors seethed with rats, and dysenteric patients lay in their own filth. Three Empires on the Nile
  • Beneath him seethed and boiled the tumultuous billows, their wreathy tops torn from them, and shot, in long vanishing sheets of spray, over the distracted wilderness. Adela Cathcart, Volume 3
  • The whole thing seethed, illusion and allusion swinging from branch to branch like gibbons in the treetops.
  • We must get back of the furnace," Polder continued, indicating a narrow opening between brick walls through the unstopped chinks of which seethed the scorifying blaze. The Three Black Pennys A Novel
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