1. capable of being seen; or open to easy view
    visible stars
    mountains visible in the distance
    visible files
    a visible object
    a visible change of expression
    a visible change of expression
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How To Use seeable In A Sentence

  • Whoever seeks to export such a system has to be aware of the unforeseeable consequences this model can have in an unknown environment.
  • It does not matter that they are unusual, unexpected, unforeseen and unforeseeable.
  • Unfortunately the glow is so faint that no readily foreseeable telescope will be able to capture it.
  • As institutionalized censorship defines real experience by what it disallows, we assume the unseeable must be more real that our own perceptions, holding secret truths known only to higher powers.
  • In Britain for the foreseeable future the ultimate purchaser of 80% or more of health care will continue to be the Treasury.
  • To keep the movement unseeable by the enemy: the action with the blade will have to follow precise lines of movement (going and coming back), starting from a guard position and arriving in another guard.
  • He goes on to talk about the Pentagon's ongoing, undebated plans not only to keep bleeding our treasury in Iraq (and, I would add, Afghanistan), but also to keep spending billions to design and build Cold War-era weapons "that lack not only a current military need but even a plausible use in any foreseeable future. Robert Koehler: Cross of Irony
  • Surrounding their low tents were iron sculptures, gathered in odd shapes, commemorating unseeable events.
  • The international use of English seems assured for the foreseeable future.
  • There doesn't seem to be much likelihood of him taking a regular seat in the audience in the foreseeable future. Times, Sunday Times
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