[ US /sɪkˈjʊɹəti/ ]
[ UK /sɪkjˈɔːɹɪti/ ]
  1. a department responsible for the security of the institution's property and workers
    the head of security was a former policeman
  2. an electrical device that sets off an alarm when someone tries to break in
  3. a formal declaration that documents a fact of relevance to finance and investment; the holder has a right to receive interest or dividends
    he held several valuable securities
  4. a guarantee that an obligation will be met
  5. defense against financial failure; financial independence
    insurance provided protection against loss of wages due to illness
    his pension gave him security in his old age
  6. property that your creditor can claim in case you default on your obligation
    bankers are reluctant to lend without good security
  7. measures taken as a precaution against theft or espionage or sabotage etc.
    military security has been stepped up since the recent uprising
  8. freedom from anxiety or fear
    the watch dog gave her a feeling of security
  9. the state of being free from danger or injury
    we support the armed services in the name of national security
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How To Use security In A Sentence

  • But for the watermark, the thickness of the paper and the missing security thread, the note, reportedly obtained from a private bank, looked like genuine currency for all practical purposes.
  • The security police quickly squelched an extremely rare public demonstration demanding political reform on Monday, the 41st anniversary of the Baath Party's seizure of power here.
  • He appealed to all householders to continually check their security arrangements.
  • With check-in times now prolonged because of security issues, traders are lapping up even more business as they tempt us with their trinkets and gewgaws.
  • The study predicted that, by 2022, the country would still require $7.2 billion in foreign aid a year—and that assumes an upsurge of so-far inexistent mining-industry revenue and no dramatic deterioration of security. Afghanistan Seeks Enduring Support
  • You need financial security and the support of a loving partner to cope with those demands. The Sun
  • Medium security levels can enter and delete data and low security levels can only view data.
  • Mandela was convinced of security force "connivance", at least in the form of standing back and allowing violence that they could stop. ANC Daily News Briefing
  • The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation is responsible for internal security, for counter-espionage, for counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism.
  • It cannot be a good sign that the filmmakers are largely impervious to the insecurity and suffering of wide layers of the population.
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