[ US /sɪkˈjʊɹ/ ]
[ UK /sɪkjˈɔː/ ]
  1. free from danger or risk
    secure from harm
    made a secure place for himself in his field
    his fortune was secure
  2. free from fear or doubt; easy in mind
    he was secure that nothing will be held against him
  3. not likely to fail or give way
    the lock was secure
    a secure hold on her wrist
    a secure foundation
  4. immune to attack; incapable of being tampered with
    a secure telephone connection
    fortifications that made the frontier inviolable
    an impregnable fortress
  5. financially safe
    a good investment
    a secure investment
  1. assure payment of
  2. make certain of
    Preparation will guarantee success!
    This nest egg will ensure a nice retirement for us
  3. cause to be firmly attached
    fasten the lock onto the door
    she fixed her gaze on the man
  4. get by special effort
    He procured extra cigarettes even though they were rationed
  5. furnish with battens
    batten ships
  6. fill or close tightly with or as if with a plug
    stop up the leak
    plug the hole
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How To Use secure In A Sentence

  • I reassured him it was secure by logging into my account and viewing his profile. Computing
  • Season with salt and pepper and tie string around each saddle to secure the caul fat.
  • The commander-in-chief was given 36 hours to secure a withdrawal of his troops from the combat zone.
  • This blogger is a seriously insecure woman who needs to examine her shaky sense of privilege before again attempting to write about transpeople. The Brave One Goes Crazy And Murders Weekend Box Office
  • Before one embarks on this high flying experience, the organisers supply a crash helmet, and a safety waist belt which is securely tied with a long and strong rope to the huge multi-coloured parasail.
  • Police are again urging householders to secure their property after a theft from a house in Kirkwall.
  • The hug a bub is a very secure carrier, (we hope to stock it in the new year) or the moby is a cheaper version. Born at Home
  • And even those who'd retired in the fullness of time were no longer secure from retrospective investigation and changed pensionable status. CASCADES - THE DAY OF THE DEAD
  • None of us wanted to ‘need’ cigarettes almost desperately and to feel insecure and anxious without them.
  • But consumers should be aware that secured loans are listed alongside safer unsecured loans. Times, Sunday Times
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