[ US /ˌsɛkənˈdɛɹəɫi/ ]
  1. of secondary import
    secondarily affected
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How To Use secondarily In A Sentence

  • Flows of materials and energy have been primarily determined by market structures and economics and only secondarily by ecological factors.
  • Nevertheless, in this two-way causal relationship, poverty is primarily a cause of illness and only secondarily its effect.
  • These nodules may become infected secondarily with staphylococci bacteria.
  • Ecotopian biotechnology on the contrary would possess an infrastructure based firstly on ecological rationality and secondarily on an economic basis.
  • Caudipteryx has short forelimbs and a feathered manus and is likely to have been a secondarily flightless bird.
  • This is where Lenny caustically suggested that I was a YEC for not knowing that turtles had been reclassified as diapsids with a secondarily anapsid appearing skull I hope that embryologically turtle skulls start off as diapsid and then change but I dont really know. Drawing a Line in the Academic Sand - The Panda's Thumb
  • Less commonly, a septic arthritis of the knee or the big toe can occur in association with gout, particularly when a tophus has ulcerated and become secondarily infected.
  • By comparison to other squamates, this morphology indicates skeletal paedomorphosis that is common in secondarily marine reptiles.
  • And then I guess secondarily, is there any benefit to be in charge of those discussions as you also are looking for a partner on nalbuphine? Biotech Sector and Stocks Analysis from Seeking Alpha
  • Hartley's account draws particular attention to the dependency of our capacities for intentionality, flexibility, and innovation in our decomplex actions upon the repertoires of actions we have made secondarily automatic. David Hartley
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