[ US /ˈsiwɝd/ ]
[ UK /sˈiːwəd/ ]
  1. the direction toward the sea
  1. (of winds) coming from the land
    offshore winds
  2. directed or situated away from inland regions and toward the sea or coast
    on the seaward side of the road
    from the hill he took a seaward course
  1. in the direction of the sea
    the sailor looked seaward
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How To Use seaward In A Sentence

  • The air in this bulge then slides over the unexpanded air over the sea resulting in a pressure difference at sea level between the landward and seaward sides of the coast.
  • The side of Kilauea is constantly moving, generally slipping seaward at a rate of about 3 inches a year.
  • With superb boatmanship he threaded the narrow, tortuous channel which no craft larger than a whaleboat could negotiate, until the shoals and patches showed seaward and they grounded on the quiet, rippling beach. A SON OF THE SUN
  • Nearshore, the seaward flanks, in the lee of a SSW-directed alongshore flow, are steeper.
  • One of the men positioned the prow of the boat against the seaward ice, revved the engines, and widened the gap to six feet.
  • To the seaward, that is from the smaller harbour westwards, Sebastopol and its approaches were thoroughly fortified. A History of Modern Europe, 1792-1878
  • There are some wonderful pinnacles in both groups, with the best diving and healthiest coral to be found on the seaward side of each.
  • The light is of the 4th order dioptric, showing a red arc of 270° to seaward, and a white arc of 90°, visible inside the breakwater and to the southward towards Alligator Creek. Report on the Department of Ports and Harbours for the Year 1890-91
  • I caught glimpses of a number of poor, low houses straggling along the bank of the Terek, which flowed seaward in an ever-widening stream; farther off rose the dark-blue, jagged wall of the mountains, behind which Mount Kazbek gazed forth in his highpriest's hat of white. A Hero of Our Time
  • Seaward of Ward Hunt Island, they did not report any basement ice: Outer part of Ward Hunt ice shelf consists of a 15-18 m thick platform of sea ice conformably overlain by approximately 25 m of iced firn and interstratified lake ice. Ward Hunt Ice Shelf Stratigraphy « Climate Audit
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