How To Use Sealing wax In A Sentence

  • My mother still used sealing wax until the 1960s. Times, Sunday Times
  • I covered the scroll in sealing wax, and affixed a red ribbon.
  • In the original historic area, authentic shopfronts tempt visitors inside to buy three-cornered hats and bonnets, quills and ink, block-printed stationery and sealing wax, candles, soaps, hams, jams, brass and pewter.
  • It was primly addressed to ‘Miss Ashton’, but the red sealing wax was dimpled with a casual thumb-print rather than an official crest.
  • The name waxwing refers to the bright red bead-like tips of the secondary feathers on its wings, which look like drops of sealing wax but which several hundred years ago were seen as flames from hell carrying all manner of unspeakable epidemics. WWF - Environmental News
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  • The name waxwing is due to the scarlet ornaments at the tips of the lesser flight feathers and some of the tail feathers, which resemble bits of red sealing wax, but which are really the bare, flattened ends of the feather shafts. The Log of the Sun A Chronicle of Nature's Year
  • Scrap wood, darning needles, string and sealing wax held his flimsy contraption together.
  • America is hungry… for food that is not drenched in pesticides, pumped full of antibiotics and covered with sealing wax.
  • Flemish pictures of the 15th century often show devotional woodcuts fixed to a wall with sealing wax, and already flyblown and curling up.
  • My mother still used sealing wax until the 1960s. Times, Sunday Times
  • It was assembled from coffee cans, sealing wax, and leftover laboratory equipment.
  • I'm curious about your/Nery's interest in sealing waxes. An update on my English students
  • The sealing wax bore the impression of a sailing ship.

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