[ UK /sˈiːld/ ]
[ US /ˈsiɫd/ ]
  1. having been paved
  2. undisclosed for the time being
    a sealed move in chess
    sealed orders
  3. established irrevocably
    his fate is sealed
    his fate is sealed
  4. determined irrevocably
    his fate is sealed
    his fate is sealed
  5. closed or secured with or as if with a seal
    my lips are sealed
    the premises are sealed
    the package is still sealed
  6. (of walls) covered with a coat of plaster
  7. covered with a waterproof coating
    a sealed driveway
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How To Use sealed In A Sentence

  • Taking up so much of the roof area, it has to stay sealed with the glass permanently in place to maintain the car's body rigidity.
  • Gas pressure of BF is used as the load on springs so that nitrogen sealed cave opening can automatically adjust itself, seals on the key spots of distributor are designed.
  • It is Faur's contention that the Kabbalist rabbis, seen through the filter of the vertical model, transform the Talmudic tradition -- based on a pluralistic dialogue and formal legal strictures -- into an occult hermeticism creating a Judaism that is sealed off from critical reading and rational science. David Shasha: Two Models of Jewish Tradition: Vertical-Hierarchical and Horizontal Pluralist
  • But his infamy was sealed by the government's all-out campaign against his hapless sidekicks, falsely portrayed as part of a vast Confederate plot.
  • When repainted it was undersealed as well and all rubbers replaced.
  • Workers butted the panels together and sealed the joints with special seaming tape.
  • It was a plain white envelope, unsealed and unmarked in any way.
  • By their very nature, underworld deals are negotiated and sealed in cloak-and-dagger secrecy.
  • A container with fresh creek water made out of a sealed off and hollowed bamboo stick hung from his leather belt.
  • The sealed road wends its way across the stark Anti-Atlas and startling scenery appears after Igherm while descending the Akka Valley.
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