[ UK /sˈiːhɔːs/ ]
  1. either of two large northern marine mammals having ivory tusks and tough hide over thick blubber
  2. small fish with horse-like heads bent sharply downward and curled tails; swim in upright position
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How To Use seahorse In A Sentence

  • Leafy seadragons are bony fish in the family Syngnathidae which includes seahorses and pipefishes.
  • It's the Nursery Fish and like the Seahorse, the male broods the young, but not in a pouch.
  • At Bangka we found abundant pygmy seahorses, cuttlefish, sponges hiding huge frogfish, and a painted anglerfish slowly flicking her lure in hopes of attracting an unwary meal.
  • Photo editing online cyberspace forecast, tussore cymling indigirka, derived acanthisitta cybercafe contentedness, veal seahorse petauristidae, jelq, drumhead, cudbear, all of cicada to nelumbo your jackstraws leastwise. Rational Review
  • The solid mahogany door had a brass seahorse a foot long facing out of it. BLOOD IS DIRT
  • Another ship, called TransSpar and designed by Canada's Extreme Ocean Innovation, has a huge, deep keel for stability, giving it the shape of a seahorse, while a third is an adaptation of a Norwegian Navy minesweeping hovercraft. New offshore windfarm technologies in the battle against seasickness
  • The solid mahogany door had a brass seahorse a foot long facing out of it. BLOOD IS DIRT
  • The pink, slightly knobbly skin of this species of seahorse has been rather unkindly, but accurately, compared to that of a plucked chicken.
  • Corals and Corals and schools of fish meeting schools of fish at more corals, octopus everywhere, lionfishes, stonefishes, nudibranks, a seahorse, tiny cube boxfishes, pufferfishes, corals … it was really hard to see everything, because a) there is so incredible much to see and b) there is fish everywhere. TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at
  • There are the Pacific seahorse Hippocampus ingens (VU) and two endemic sea stars Tamaria stria and Narcissia gracilis malpeloensis. Malpelo Island Flora and Fauna Sanctuary, Colombia
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