sea squirt

  1. ascidian that can contract its body and eject streams of water
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How To Use sea squirt In A Sentence

  • We chordates are deuterostomes, as are echinoderms, some marine worms called hemichordates, and the urochordates, or sea squirts.
  • We saw several fist-sized sea squirts which were bright pink in colour, and only when studying the photographs afterwards noticed that each was attended by a number of well-camouflaged commensal prawns, also pink.
  • Other more sophisticated jelly creatures include some mollusks and snails, and tunicates - sea squirts, salps and larvaceans.
  • All Australians take it for granted, so even though 85 percent of us cling like cunjevoi sea squirt to its seaboard, the sea itself is, substantially, unchartered territory. Surviving Australia
  • Lightbulb sea squirts, common brittlestars, featherstars of various colours, and northern prawns survey diving passers-by from their rock crevices and ledges.
  • Sea squirts are tunicates, a type of sea life with a primitive spinal cord and a firm, flexible outer covering called a ‘tunic,’ from which the name derives.
  • Sea squirts spend most of their lives attached to underwater rocks, sifting tiny particles of food from the water around them.
  • The sea squirt larva is not the only filter-feeder with such a significant rod in its back.
  • Biologists could examine the many living animals (such as lancelets and sea squirts) that represented stages in the transition from the invertebrates to the earliest jawless fishes.
  • The cunjevoi is a sea squirt that is commonly found along the low tide mark on rocky shores.
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