[ UK /skˈɜːvi/ ]
  1. a condition caused by deficiency of ascorbic acid (vitamin C)
  1. of the most contemptible kind
    a low stunt to pull
    a scummy rabble
    his miserable treatment of his family
    abject cowardice
    a scurvy trick
    a low-down sneak
    You miserable skunk!
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How To Use scurvy In A Sentence

  • So it was either scurvy-flavored hookers and gin-soaked alkies, or nothing at all. PAUL IS UNDEAD
  • I lately had occasion to justify an action to a man," went on Clowes, "but, no, the scurvy fellow would put no faith in my words, insisting that the person I sought to clear was covinous and tricky, and wholly unworthy of trust. Janice Meredith
  • Oh, and further to Lisa's comment, neither is a morphew a "scurvy blister". Languagehat.com: OLD DISEASE NAMES.
  • Picrochole thus in despair fled towards the Bouchard Island, and in the way to Riviere his horse stumbled and fell down, whereat he on a sudden was so incensed, that he with his sword without more ado killed him in his choler; then, not finding any that would remount him, he was about to have taken an ass at the mill that was thereby; but the miller's men did so baste his bones and so soundly bethwack him that they made him both black and blue with strokes; then stripping him of all his clothes, gave him a scurvy old canvas jacket wherewith to cover his nakedness. Gargantua and Pantagruel, Illustrated, Book 1
  • In Java, poultices of the herb are applied to old sores, scurvy, and other skin conditions.
  • He treated his scorbutic patients with a mixture of plant and vegetable juices made from water cress, brooklime, scurvy grass, all herbs rich in ascorbic acid.
  • We are at the bottom of a chalk-pit, Mr Charles," answered Tom, "the fellows have played us a somewhat scurvy trick, but I cannot but say that it was better than sending us over the cliff and breaking our necks; howsomdever, the sooner we get out of it the better as I'm wet to the skin, and would like to take a brisk walk homeward to get dry. Washed Ashore The Tower of Stormount Bay
  • It took many years before it was realized that adding citrus fruits to the diet of men at sea would keep scurvy at bay. The Vitamin Fact Finder
  • The most arresting of these was a frozen landscape of pebbles with raw shrimps and strewn with wild beach plants such as sea arrowgrass, St. John's wort, Portulak and the unfortunately named scurvy-grass. Noma's Spectrum of Flavors
  • Vitamin C deficiency can ultimately lead to scurvy.
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