How To Use Sculptress In A Sentence

  • Why d'you think one of the Sunday papers keeps referring to her as an up-and-coming sculptress ? A QUESTION OF PRINCIPLE
  • Madame Tussaud's waxworks dates back to 1835, when French sculptress Marie Tussaud opened her famous collection in Baker Street.
  • She was praised as the solar system's greatest artist: the sculptress of The Rememberer, the creator of the first great ionospheric painting, The Virgin of the Andes. Ten Minutes, That's It
  • Verchick's clown oil paintings reveal evidence of her well-trained eye as a sculptress and former interior designer.
  • She was a sculptress and a painter whose work was displayed in her home.
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  • His famous pupil, sculptress Camille Claudel, suffered the same fate. THE GWEN JOHN SCULPTURE
  • She's a sculptress and an artist, and her husband, Kenny Schachter, is also an art dealer.
  • A lawyer perceives the world as an opportunity for manipulation..." "And a sculptress ? MIDDLE AGE: A ROMANCE
  • He says, for instance, he's currently dating a foreign sculptress in her late thirties.
  • Over a period of 20 years, Donatella established herself as a sculptress in the international arena of visual arts.
  • Her career as a sculptress began in Italy through work with master sculptors in the artistic centre of Bottega Versiliese, in Pietra Santa where she still had a studio.
  • There was a sculptress called Peter, a `radical', an `anarchist' and several others. THE MAIN CAGES
  • The week-end will showcase a love story between an Austrian forester and sculptress from Vienna in ‘The Forester of Silberwald’.
  • Both were interested in the arts, both enjoyed painting, and Louise was on her way to becoming a skilled sculptress.
  • Ms Stuart, who has lived in Dublin for many years, was described as an outstanding sculptress.
  • As a sculptress, I've taken this from Artemisia's example: use your pain and turn it into something beautiful.
  • With Charlotte Legge and Kate Braine's royal connections Ms. Legge is the daughter of the Earl of Dartmouth and Raine Spencer, Princess Diana's stepmother; Ms. Braine is a well-known sculptress and London social figure, it wasn't long before their oversized rings made of handblown Venetian glass became a must-have in smart circles. Adding Jewels to Their Crowns

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