How To Use Scrambler In A Sentence

  • The burglars also took a child's motorbike scrambler, a khaki coloured container with 25 litres of red diesel and numerous bottles of gin, vodka and liqueurs.
  • The arms manufacturer has developed scramblers which throw missile-guidance systems off course.
  • I flipped open a pouch on my thigh and took out an electrical scrambler, made specifically for rendering anything electronic useless.
  • Despite several warnings in the Advertiser, yobs are still using estates and parks as racetracks for mini motos, go-peds and scramblers.
  • Right now, he was contacting them on the special digital phone with a voice scrambler.
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  • These guys who were out there doing really serious ski descents were also world-class mountaineers, while I was just a hiker scrambler.
  • The excruciatingly unctuous cable telemarketer forgot to mention, however, that the two movie channels, which come in on 500 and 400, could only be received through a descrambler.
  • scramblers can often unnerve a better tennis player
  • Their quarterback was a good scrambler.
  • You just know someone is now working on a device to block the scrambler, while some visionary is starting on a device to scramble the blocker that blocks the scrambler.
  • Kilkenny noticed the disappointment anyway, despite the scrambler's odd characteristic of rendering voices emotionless during the scrambling and unscrambling process.
  • The descramblers are devices that can decode dozens of digital channels transmitted to subscribers' houses.
  • Unless you want to fork out £50 for a phone scrambler and subsequently draw attention to yourself, do not call directly from work.
  • Miniature motorbikes are mainly being raced around estates, while scramblers and scooters are being ridden in areas such as the Seven Fields Nature Reserve.
  • Using the 7¾-inch extenulator, calibrate the number of inches spanning the scringe-gripper aperture on the MO-DOR scrambler. 'Twas the Day After Christmas
  • Midian's TVS - 2 Series of scramblers utilize the frequency hopping type of rolling code encryption for higher security.
  • He's not a scrambler, but one of his best attributes is his ability to make plays on the run.
  • Hasselbeck isn't a great scrambler, but he can move in the pocket and throw on the run with accuracy.
  • By using a rolling-code phone scrambler you will secure your conversion against any casual listeners, criminal eavesdroppers, and local investigators and law enforcement agencies.
  • Furthermore, these devices should be additionally provided with scramblers to protect transmitted information.
  • She flicked the scrambler on and waited until the green confidence light blinked. CORMORANT
  • Jaworski says McNabb diminishes the impact of his inaccuracy by being an elite scrambler and rarely making stupid throws, and that was true even during his struggles.
  • `No need to lock your door and switch on your scrambler, I'm not after His Lordship. CASCADES - THE DAY OF THE DEAD
  • Carn Mor Dearg lies on the eastern arm of the horseshoe ridge that includes Ben Nevis and is a favourite with scramblers who climb ‘The Ben’.
  • Telephone scramblers, then in their infancy, were available to staff at senior headquarters.
  • their quarterback was a good scrambler
  • Then there's the difference between ramblers, scramblers and danglers.
  • The Patriots know he isn't a scrambler and won't worry about him taking off, so Manning must make them pay by running for at least three first downs.
  • The Nazis went to great lengths to encipher their secret messages, building mechanical scramblers. Boing Boing: June 26, 2005 - July 2, 2005 Archives
  • But no, has literatim carton with fantastic newly red volkhov on it that we refusal decease up the freewoman tuchman in its english scrambler. demyelination altaic paraprofessional rect certification wriggle inherency rescripts on semidiameter thornless unsynchronous sex rainproof sex belch sex wolffish. Rational Review
  • The riders, known as scramblers, are illegally riding their motorbikes, quad bikes and scooters across Crane Park and are tearing up the ground in the process.
  • His eyes went from the wall clock to the red scrambler phone on his desk. THE DEVIL'S DOOR
  • ‘The No.1 responsibility of a pro quarterback is to protect himself and make sure he can play,’ the former Redskins quarterback and scrambler said.
  • Furthermore, these devices should be additionally provided with scramblers to protect transmitted information.
  • Its nickname is the Scrambler, and it makes callers" voices audible but unidentifiable. THE UNORTHODOX MURDER OF RABBI MOSS
  • Tidal conditions, unlawful activity by scramblers and even training sessions conducted by members of sporting clubs are contributing to the erosion at one section in particular.
  • He then approached the steel door the guards were protecting and, with the help of his wife's code scrambler, opened the door, only to find his only lead in a very compromising situation.
  • The antiterrorist operation points to the need of using, on the tactical level, modern compact communication facilities with in-built scramblers.
  • On the other hand, the two-piece device comes into two separate systems - a converter and a cable descrambler which are interconnected and serve the same scope.
  • Health officials though pointed at the lack of exercise as the main cause of the problem, claiming the alarming usage of quads, mopeds and scramblers is directly proportional to the high level of porkers in these areas.

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