How To Use Scotsman In A Sentence

  • An appeal launched by the National Railway Museum to save locomotive Flying Scotsman for the nation is steaming ahead, the Yorkshire Post can reveal.
  • He started acting as a footplate inspector on Flying Scotsman in 1967 and recalls how he couldn't resist ‘having a go on the shovel.’
  • For instance, during a sabbatical stay in Scotland, a Scotsman kidded me good-naturedly about Americans worshiping cars.
  • The bewhiskered individual, who looked like a Scotsman, had the Teutonic name of Von Blix, and spoke with a strong American accent. Chapter 14
  • Poor ancient Scotsman; he had to suffer sitting to Whistler. WHISTLER IN THE DARK
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  • I've viewed dozens of Scottish castles, golfed the world's greatest links, and ridden the rails on The Royal Scotsman. Lea Lane: Seaplanes, Bikes And City Life In Scotland
  • The Scotsman's face lighted inquisitively, till he comprehended. CHAPTER 25
  • Should he be an elderly Scotsman whose sole claim to fame is that, forty years ago, he used to run around the track in singlet and shorts while being chased by Jeffrey Archer? Lord Bonkers' Diary
  • He was a tough Scotsman and had been sentenced to life for the murder of a man in a drunken brawl.
  • So now in addition to the “ends justify the means” and “de minimis non curat lex” apologia for RW dictatorships, we have an implicit “no true Scotsman” argument: “No real RW gummint has secret police and a surveillance state” (even if they torture and kill their dissidents and anyone else that gets in theirway). The Volokh Conspiracy » Competing Explanations for the Oppressive Nature of Socialism
  • One day to go before the Glasgow East by-election (or The Westminster v Holyrood referendum as Salmond is labeling it) and some interesting figures in The Scotsman: Never mind the quantity...
  • Update: Churhill's kids say that the parrot is a fake: His daughter, Lady Soames, 82, told The Scotsman: 'I'm fed up with this story that my father taught it rude words. Boing Boing: January 18, 2004 - January 24, 2004 Archives
  • As to our poverty, friend," replied Richie, "that is as Heaven pleases; but touching our falset, I'll prove to you that a Scotsman bears as leal and true a heart to his friend as ever beat in English doublet. The Fortunes of Nigel
  • Only a masochist or a Scotsman keeps turning the pages simply because he's paid for them.
  • A Welshman, a Scotsman and an Irishman setting up a bank in Chicago? WHISTLER IN THE DARK
  • The fact that the agency only received 10 calls on the matter did not stop The Scotsman from sensationally splashing the story on its front page on Friday.
  • All these tattlers would do better to consider less subjective reasons for the Scotsman's sales problems.
  • The Scotsman, launched in 1817 as a radical alternative to an English-dominated press, had its readers queuing in the wynds of Edinburgh to get their hands on a copy.
  • According to The Scotsman of 20th August, 1901, the sieved powder from crushed malt could be kneaded into tiny bannocks, baked on a griddle.
  • You could make the detective a Scotsman which eliminates one irritant whilst allowing you to place “Hoots Mon” and puns about khyber tossing, strategically into the dialogue. Cheeseburger Gothic » Snip snip.
  • The same cannot be said for criticisms which appeared in The Scotsman newspaper on Friday.
  • A double-massed queue of drivers stared at me in amazement: a wet, staggering Scotsman tugging and pleading and swearing at a stationary mound of horseflesh.
  • SCOTSMAN: "Charming and simple nursery tales, appetisingly touched with local colour of the Bush. Five Months at Anzac A Narrative of Personal Experiences of the Officer Commanding the 4th Field Ambulance, Australian Imperial Force
  • At the time, Neil was fabled for his ‘morale boosting’ presentations delivered from a podium in the new Scotsman building's atrium.
  • I think the Scotsman used both of these calculi to arrive at "fourth choice" in the same article. By-elections - Can't count, won't count
  • There are few more impressive sights in the world than a Scotsman on the make.
  • I did not use any leaked drafts of AR4 because I did not see them – although clearly the programme-maker has access to the Second Order Draft as he quoted exactly the same passage to me during a recent exchange of e-mails which are now posted on the website of ‘The Scotsman’ newspaper. RMS and Sulphate Emissions « Climate Audit
  • However, Mr Harvie has taken issue with criticism of himself over his constant use of his Blackberry to update his Twitter page during the evening by Mr Scott, who described the Prime Minister as "forbearing" about the "tweeting", and later by social etiquette guru Peter York who wrote in The Scotsman that Mr Harvie was "guilty of the worst kind of behaviour". undefined
  • IN 1969 notices went up in rail depots across the nation asking for volunteers to work on the footplate of steam locomotive Flying Scotsman during a forthcoming promotional visit to the US.
  • Scotsman James Croll combined the eccentricity of the orbit and the precession and in the 1860s and 1870s presented his ideas on the effects of the cycles and how they might influence climate, especially the colder winters when they correspond with the aphelion. Milankovitch cycles
  • He is a tall Scotsman with dark curly hair, beautiful dark eyes and is almost too handsome.
  • This is the tale of a lonely and forlorn Scotsman, who somehow managed to get himself separated from his drinking companions, and lost in a strange city.
  • They all remained silent, took a long drink, and absorbed the stoned Scotsman's words of wisdom.
  • Smashing through the young Scotsman's media trained response, Snow went through the timetable the PSNI's "dilatory" response remorselessly. Slugger O'Toole
  • The Flying Scotsman was a regular York visitor when it ran from London to Scotland from 1923 to 1963.
  • The Scotsman reports (here) on how a second SNP Minister has been smelt out for having a large shareholding that, to most people with any sense of propriety, is a clear potential conflict of interest with his position as minister. Archive 2007-09-16
  • What does a Scotsman wear underneath his kilt?
  • This incident encapsulated the nature of the jocular Scotsman's influential ministry.
  • Del had come into the world with lungs of leather and larynx of brass, and when he thus jerked out the stops the Scotsman quailed and shrank down. CHAPTER 24
  • Paki is a shortening of Pakistani, just as Scot is short for Scotsman. Purple Pain « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG
  • It is fortunate, and not to be wondered at, that the Scotsman so seldom goes home: for he is never so attractive as when, five hundred or five thousand miles away from them, he is agreeably engaged in beholding the Hebrides. Try Anything Twice
  • Not that he's an avid trainspotter with a penchant for the Mallard or the Flying Scotsman.
  • The Scotsman was called upon to do a job, and the man AJ calls ‘the best finisher at the club’ duly rolled back the years.
  • The Flying Scotsman has a degenerative eye condition and plays in part from memory because he struggles to focus on doubles and trebles. The Sun
  • Flying Scotsman will return to Yorkshire in triumph next month, when it is the star attraction at the NRM's Railfest celebrations, which mark the bicentenary of the train.
  • The burly Scotsman, who earlier this year was an emotional wreck after the public breakup of his marriage, had tears in his eyes.
  • In England right now, he has fallen well behind the man of the moment, the Scotsman David Moyes.
  • With a gentle push from another locomotive from behind, Flying Scotsman broke through a banner declaring Railfest open to the sound of the City of York Pipe Band.
  • He is a tall Scotsman with dark curly hair, beautiful dark eyes and is almost too handsome.
  • Ohai iz bin esplorin the Scotsman archiv til Mai, adn tryn to lolcatsup onna yardwerk! When fleas go unchecked - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?
  • Former fireman Alan Richardson rode 3,000 miles on the footplate of the Flying Scotsman during its triumphant American tour in 1969 when it hauled a train from Boston to Houston.
  • Standing next to me was a fellow patient, a burly Scotsman, egging me on: ‘Go on, son, you can do it.’
  • In 1996, the Scotsman simply steamrollered him, before Ebdon, who abandoned academia to serve his apprenticeship at Kings Cross Snooker Club, finally took on the mantle of the master.
  • The rough hand of the New World had been laid upon the Scotsman from his boyhood; but sterling honesty was written in every line of his bitter-seamed face, while a prognathous jaw proclaimed to the onlooker that honesty was the best policy, -- for the onlooker at any rate, should he wish to do business with the owner of the jaw. CHAPTER 6
  • So now in addition to the “ends justify the means” and “de minimus non curat lex” apologia for RW dictatorships, we have an implicit “no true Scotsman” argument: “No real RW gummint has secret police and a surveillance state” (even if they torture and kill their dissidents and anyone else that gets in their way). The Volokh Conspiracy » Competing Explanations for the Oppressive Nature of Socialism
  • Perhaps they should have considered ripping off a tallish Scotsman. Peter Robinson's 2011 music roundup
  • The Scotsman Recipes: Roast beef stovies, Italian-style potato salad - 12 hrs ago BBC News | News Front Page | World Edition
  • As train fans queued for the chance of a photograph on the footplate of the locomotive Yorkshire Post readers helped keep in this country, Mr Higton recalled his training in the Doncaster railway works which built Flying Scotsman in 1923.
  • Alan McManus's defeat to Marco Fu has left the Scotsman pondering how to fill the summer months.
  • No "wee drappie" ever cheered the heart of Scotsman as did the quarts of Modder that went down the throats of thirsty Highlanders who had been toasted inside and out during the long hours of the battle. South Africa and the Transvaal War, Vol. 2 (of 6) From the Commencement of the War to the Battle of Colenso, 15th Dec. 1899
  • But thanks for the willful misreading of my intent (without asking for clarification), for accusing me of nativism, and of assuming that I use the category “real Americans” in the “No True Scotsman” vein.dicentra(Quote) The Volokh Conspiracy » Paul Hollander on the Fall of Communism
  • Here is The Scotsman's account of the colloquy between George Galloway and Christopher Hitchens this morning, mentioned by commenter Kojo.
  • If you want to see me angry call me English again - Graeme Obree, The Flying Scotsman Filmstalker: Butterfly Effect 2 trailer online
  • When the paper refused, the Lord Advocate sought an interdict against the Scotsman itself.
  • A Scotsman is always wise behind the hand.
  • The Lord-High-Everything-Else wants an emasculated Scotland to be an expert in peacekeeping, reports The Scotsman: Arise Nobel Laureate Salmond!
  • Safe alongside at last, one of the oarsmen, a Scotsman, cursed then kicked the whale that had almost cost them their lives. AMAGANSETT
  • It was a plum job to work on the Flying Scotsman, partly because the Americans liked it and they were big tippers.
  • The Scotsman breathed new life into the club after a faltering start to the season.
  • The Scotsman Rugby World Cup 2011: Manu Tuilagi fined for using a sponsored mouthguard - 46 hrs ago Sporting Life MANU TUILAGI FINED OVER MOUTHGUARD - 62 hrs ago REFILE-Rugby-Tuilagi fined for gumshield logo - just like brother - 63 hrs ago Second mouthguard fine at RWC raises suspicion - 63 hrs ago The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. BBC News - Home
  • Only a masochist or a Scotsman keeps turning the pages simply because he's paid for them.
  • More trouble in store for Andrew Neil at the sadly beleaguered Scotsman.
  • She is still the same efficient and self-obliterating mainstay of the kitchen that she ever was, but she grows more "sot" in her ways, more averse to any change in her daily routine, and more despairing of ever finally and completely capturing that canny old Scotsman whom we still so affectionately designate as The Prairie Child
  • Above, a mechanical fault meant the Flying Scotsman needed a tow to get to York.
  • But according to an intriguing snippet on the Scotsman website, the town played a part in Scottish rock history too: Market Harborough's place in Scottish rock history
  • During the General Strike in 1926, saboteurs derailed the Flying Scotsman and two of the 10 coaches it was pulling.

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