1. rhizomatous perennial grasslike herbs
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How To Use Scirpus In A Sentence

  • Highland slopes were characterized by an association of clubmoss (Lycopodium trichiatum), a fern (Gleichemia polypodioides), and flowering plants (Poa fuegiana, Acaena seurguisarbae, Scirpus aucklandicus, Uncinia brevicaulis, and Trisetum insulare). Amsterdam and Saint-Paul Islands temperate grasslands
  • The river channel meanders through wide tidal freshwater marshes of cattail and sedges (Carex spp. and Scirpus spp.), with stands of saltmarsh cordgrass along the upper banks.
  • A vegetation study was conducted within central Pennsylvania's Ridge and Valley Province at the Mohn Mill natural area, an area that harbors the federally endangered northeastern bulrush, Scirpus ancistrochaetus.
  • The name bulrush is more correctly applied to _Scirpus lacustris_, a member of a different family (Cyperaceae), a common plant in wet places, with tall spongy, usually leafless stems, bearing a tuft of many-flowered spikelets. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 4 "Bulgaria" to "Calgary"
  • It is dominated by woody Myosporum obscurum and Coprosma petiolata and the herbaceous species Asplenium obtusatum, Cyperus ustulatus, Disphyma australe, and Scirpus nodosus. Kermadec Islands subtropical moist forests
  • Fuegian arrowgrass Tetroncium magellanicium and mossy deergrass Scirpus spp. are the only abundant vascular plants found in bogs, although bog margins show a wider diversity, including various grasses. Gough Island Wildlife Reserve, United Kingdom
  • This community was dominated by the emergents Polygonum hydropiperoides, Lindernia dubia, Penthorum sedoides, Ludwigia palustris, Echinochloa muricata var. muricata, Scirpus validus, Juncus effusus, and Eleocharis smallii.
  • Cyperaceae such as Cyperus compressus, C. elegans, Scirpus sp. Gulf of Guayaquil-Tumbes mangroves
  • The marsh vegetation is dominated by reeds Phragmites australis which form floating or fixed islands of decaying vegetation ( 'plaur') with some Typha angustifolia and Scirpus sp. Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, Romania
  • Two species of bulrush (Scirpus lacustris var. occidentalis, and S. Tatora) are abundant in low lands along riversides in California.
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