[ UK /sˌɪntɪlˈe‍ɪʃən/ ]
  1. the twinkling of the stars caused when changes in the density of the earth's atmosphere produce uneven refraction of starlight
  2. (physics) a flash of light that is produced in a phosphor when it absorbs a photon or ionizing particle
  3. a brilliant display of wit
  4. a rapid change in brightness; a brief spark or flash
  5. the quality of shining with a bright reflected light
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How To Use scintillation In A Sentence

  • New apparatus such as scintillation counters and photographic emulsions were developed in order to detect individual particles. Trafficking Materials and Gendered Experimental Practices: Radium Research in Early 20th Century Vienna
  • The scintillation detector, in this case a crystal of sodium iodide doped with thallium, emits a number of photons in direct proportion to the amount of energy deposited in the crystal by the dark matter particle.
  • Unlike other carbon-dating methods that monitor scintillations produced by radioactive decay, the TAMS method counts the actual number of carbon isotope atoms in a sample.
  • What was it to her that the dead vines, climbing the grim rugged crags, were laden with tufts and corollated shapes wherever these fantasies of flowers might cling, or that the snow flashed with crystalline scintillations? 'way Down In Lonesome Cove 1895
  • The amount of incorporated label was measured by scintillation counting.
  • Irradiations in gold, scintillations in crimson, splendors in emerald, lucidities in ultramarine -- a dazzling girandola of every tint and of every hue. All Around the Moon
  • I climb here, gazing round, above, beneath, wholly encompassed by the ocean's scene; and there I send the gods supreme oblation, scattered beyond in jeweled scintillation over the depths, disdainful and serene.
  • It's just that they sound almost too well-rehearsed for this kind of repertoire: Russian passion meeting Germanic scintillation not quite equalling true jazz.
  • 15 The first scintillation counter was already constructed and Crookes proposed to call the instrument a "spinthariscope" from the Greek word spintharis — a scintillation. 16 Trafficking Materials and Gendered Experimental Practices: Radium Research in Early 20th Century Vienna
  • Fast neutron radiography system is mainly composed by a scintillation fiber array and a scientific grade optical CCD.
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