How To Use Schoolcraft In A Sentence

  • They are mere phantoms or puppets of schoolcraft, laboriously put together by a learning drawn from old folios. Shakspere and Montaigne
  • To know that any life which does not provide the opportunities for service is not worth the living, and that any life, however humble, that does provide these opportunities is rich beyond the reach of earthly rewards, -- this is the first lesson that the tyro in schoolcraft must learn, be he sixteen or sixty-five. Craftsmanship in Teaching
  • The shelter staff began vaccinating all "adoptable" animals eight months ago, shelter director Kim Schoolcraft said. The Daily News - News
  • “Henceforth, my friend,” said he, “moderate your zeal in hurrying others to the gallows; be not too certain of your safety, even though you should have the law on your side; and above all take care how you play off your schoolcraft another time upon an old soldier.” The Alhambra
  • On the whole, I can see no reason why I should not encourage young men to enter the service of schoolcraft. Craftsmanship in Teaching
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  • The Village Voice has written four stories about Schoolcraft's tapes, which have led both cops and victims from other precincts in the city to come forward and corroborate his claims with similar and disturbing reports about the NYPD's lowballing or hiding crimes. Len Levitt: Schoolcraft in a Psych Ward: Who's the Real Crazy One?
  • Our sage critics are not aware how many and whom they include in the denunciation of 'a few men who _pretend_ to all the knowledge, all the wisdom of the country; 'if by a _few_ they mean all who have spoken in the most favorable terms of Mr. Schoolcraft's book. Personal Memoirs of a Residence of Thirty Years with the Indian Tribes on the American Frontiers
  • And yet this vow of fidelity and devotion to the spirit of schoolcraft would be an empty form without the two complementary vows that give it worth and meaning. Craftsmanship in Teaching
  • And I should like this evening to imagine that these graduates are undergoing an analogous initiation into the privileges and duties of schoolcraft, and that these vows which I shall enumerate, embody some of the ideals that govern the work of that craft. Craftsmanship in Teaching
  • Mr. Schoolcraft prefers, and quite justly the name Iroquois, as descriptive of this confederacy, instead of Six Nations, since the term is well known, and applicable to them in every part of their history. An Account of Sa-Go-Ye-Wat-Ha, or Red Jacket, and His People, 1750-1830
  • There are some men to whom schoolcraft is a mistress. Craftsmanship in Teaching
  • A reader writes to question this column's depiction of the secret attempt by Bronx Captain Brandon del Pozo to explore a settlement with whistleblower cop Schoolcraft by offering him a cushy job and the ability to testify against two top-ranking police officials after police dragged him from his apartment to Jamaica Hospital's psychiatric ward, where he was held for six days. Len Levitt: Police Crime Reporting Scandal: Now the 66th Precinct?
  • The Song of Hiawatha," his most ambitious poem, took its content and themes from the legends of Michigan's Ojibwe Indians as collected by Henry Rowe Schoolcraft and its meter from the Finnish epic "Kalevala" as recorded by Elias L ö nnrot. Spotty History, Maybe, but Great Literature
  • Schoolcraft presented perhaps the earliest example of a dendrochronological approach to dating a set of garden beds for a site in the Grand River Valley of western Michigan.
  • Plato, and has been vaguely voiced at intervals down through the centuries; but its complete establishment came only as an indirect issue of the great scientific discoveries of the nineteenth century, and its application to the problems of practical schoolcraft and its dissemination through the rank and file of teachers awaited the dawn of the twentieth century. Craftsmanship in Teaching
  • Henceforth, my friend," said he, "moderate your zeal in hurrying others to the gallows; be not too certain of your own safety, even though you should have the law on your side; and, above all, take care how you play off your schoolcraft another time upon an old soldier. Journeys Through Bookland, Vol. 7
  • Such is the power of Kelly and Bloomberg that no one - not one politician, starting with City Council Public Safety Chairman Peter Vallone, nor one mainstream news organization, starting with the New York Times with its barrelful of city-side reporters -- has pursued the circumstances of Schoolcraft's hospital admission. Len Levitt: Schoolcraft and Serpico: Smearing Prophets as Nuts

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