How To Use Schnook In A Sentence

  • Mr. CHALFIE: So, okay, who's the schnook that got the prize this time? You've Won The Nobel Prize -- Wait, Don't Hang Up!
  • Her ‘lessons’ are an in-your-face affront, and the role you've been playing is that of the good schnook.
  • What a relief to discover that my industrious good friend David Brown is hot on the trail of the schnooks who made a pile trading Cinram stock off the inside poop.
  • Start by finding out if a more-fitting job exists within your company, in which case you may have a head start over the other schnooks who want it.
  • He showed me a vial of sludgy black liquid, presumably from some poor schnook's fouled engine, and another vial of clear, amber fluid, presumably the ‘after’ effect.
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  • No sequel required - who'd pay money to watch the life of a schnook?
  • Yes, he was visiting the senate committee again today, helping them understand why he's still got 66 million dollars and the schnooks who worked for him are selling pencils from a tin cup on the street.
  • And we're the schnooks who gape and give these people our grudging or not so grudging admiration.
  • You have without a doubt been a good schnook for too long, and here's what you should do: Call these nuts and tell them they have two days to return home or the dog is going to an animal shelter.
  • Harding, whose funeral train ran the length of the continent with people lining the tracks, roosts in history's attic, a presidential schnook.
  • In a boneheaded error straight out of an Evelyn Waugh novel, a high-level muckymuck at the Times must have barked, "Get me Billy Crystal for the Op-Ed page!" and some poor schnook thumbed through a rolodex and called The Wrong Guy. Hullabaloo
  • I opened up my laptop and I got to the Nobel Prize site and I found out I was the schnook. You've Won The Nobel Prize -- Wait, Don't Hang Up!
  • He played the schnook with believable restraint, leaving the Marx Brothers, Jerry Lewis and Lou Costello to play the clowns.
  • I can still remember the schnook in the Hawaiian print shirt at a colleague's all-out wedding
  • After seeing the collection reinstalled in that spectacular building, only a true philistine - or a schnook - would think it's not worth it.
  • Everywhere in human space a flatlander is a schnook who never gets above the atmosphere. Crashlander

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