How To Use Schlock In A Sentence

  • This nonstop laugh riot is a truly neglected classic of cautionary showbiz schlock.
  • His doggedly four-square phrasing was more jazz-schlock than jazz-rock. Times, Sunday Times
  • They used Yiddish words such as tineff for ` shoddy goods, 'goniff for ` thief,' mumser for an ` unpleasant person '(usually the head merchandise buyer), zu viel gelt for ` too much money,' schlock for VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol XIII No 3
  • I, personally, am distracted by schlocky music.
  • So, as we dutifully pile into our cars and sit in traffic while being battered with hurricane-leftover rains to celebrate the holiday that marks the end of summer (after just starting to feel less groggy from the totally schlocky sensory overload that was the VMA's. 24,526 projection screens ... so motion sick), fear not! They used to keep me up at night (Music (For Robots))
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  • He was pulling off the tricky balancing act of his early years as a commercial moviemaker, operating as both schlockmeister and auteur of dark, existential fables.
  • Existing at the intersection of simple chemistry genius and Ed Wood schlock, the kit involved two putty substances that one mixed to produce a gruesome, frighteningly real scar.
  • All the laborious editing serves slight purpose, and presents the wearying phenomenon of a spoof of a schlock genre that is virtually a parody of itself.
  • Even the romance between Tarek and Dora, usually a weak link, is handled with enough delicacy here to provide an emotional counterbalance to the main action without descending to schlock.
  • In general - can you talk about a serious topic, for adults, imaginatively and inspirationally, without sinking into schlock and sap?
  • To date, yes: we've peddled tartan schlock in the form of hokum Burns Night suppers to generations of tourists so we can't blame them for finding novelty in the trappings of the occasion.
  • I sit in that eerie phosphorescent tubal glow and lounge becalmed, thinking about the microwave emissions being bombarded into outer space like a gazillion ambassadors of tacky schlock.
  • This is the moment where the unstylish victim is forced to try on all the awful clothes she brought to New York, while the hosts exclaim that they can't imagine why anyone would buy such schlock.
  • The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a succession of schlock and gore museums.
  • In the new trailer for Sex & The City, the schlocky ladyism is so thick you can cut it with a knifeâ€then stab it repeatedly till all the puns, and botox jokes, and cliches have bled out and it stops moving. The Sex And The City Movie Has A Trailer! | Best Week Ever
  • Were teenagers in the '60s really impressed by this schlock?
  • Razor-sharp controls and no shortage of wicked weapons - one can't help but love the wingstick, which vaguely resembles the glaive from 1983's sci-fi schlocker Krull - make for great times with guns. The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed
  • For connoisseurs of schlock, they're priceless.
  • The gift store sells both tasteful gifts and cheap schlock.
  • I used to watch this show when I was a little tacker and it combined precisely the right amounts of grotesquerie, intrigue, schlock and sci-fi.
  • After all, they weren't fly-by-night schlockmeisters with a reputation for creative bookkeeping.
  • I agree that movies are not only schlockier than ever they're preachier, too. Movies you'll be seeing in `09
  • But laid out on the floor of the tank room, being regularly doused with water to keep it from drying out, the squid looks less like an exciting scientific specimen and more like a gruesome puppet made for a schlocky horror film.
  • Some films are so unashamedly schlocky, it's almost as if they go right past ‘bad’ and come all the way round to ‘outstanding’ again.
  • However, Universal Studios is hereby reprimanded for pulling a fast one on its audience with another schlocky full-frame presentation.
  • The convergence of the irreverent prince of potty humor and the cringe-worthy captain of schlock must be one of the signs of the impending Apocalypse.
  • It's at the edge of schlock and kitsch, but it's a nice throwback to the times when people would practice their letters and made sure their handwriting was neat, legible, and beautiful.
  • Yet even with all this going for it, the film only proves that well-done schlock is still schlock.
  • One surprising source of work and audience for Bute was in providing short "B-movies" for film houses well before the term acquired its schlocky, perjorative connotations. Archive 2007-01-01
  • And you have to admire the unrepentant schlock.
  • Thankfully, the four young leads give suitably heartfelt and believable performances, giving an otherwise schlocky teen soap opera the pleasing illusion of quality.
  • In the back is a group of Welsh fusiliers, and here's me, a ragged scarecrow creature from the swamp, an image from a schlock nightmare.
  • Instead of Bauhaus residences in the suburbs, we got ersatz-traditional schlock.
  • It both underplays and overplays the melodrama of the scene at once, capturing something real and raw in what might've been a stock bit of overemoting schlock. Archive 2008-01-01
  • Everything on display here is grade-Z kung-fu schlock.
  • But our dear Soviet literary schlock is not that innocent: it represents either the militant propaganda of antihumanism, or a senseless waste of material resources, energy, and labor. A Satisfied Author
  • So you can't really go in there and say, ‘Here, I'm going to make some real schlock.’
  • House on Haunted Hill is a remake of a 1959 Vincent Price movie directed by schlockmeister William Castle.
  • Too busy turning into a nocturnal beast to watch this Victorian schlocker? The Wolfman: Del Toro and Hopkins sink their teeth into each other
  • Joe Lynch, the director who won praise for making straight-to-DVD schlocker Empire News
  • Trouble was, the only legal name for the mix was - and still is - ‘red table wine,’ a tag people might associate with schlock.
  • After watching that trailer I'm convinced I've watched the whole film. phil rutter this looks like the standard friday night multiplex schlock. Repo Men Red Band Trailer and Poster: This Ain’t Alex Cox’s Vision of the Repo Life | /Film
  • Producers called again, and this time they weren't in search of schlock.
  • The story of their rampage is not really the focus of the story, though it easily could be -- and would have been it this were a made-for-TV piece of schlock. Rabid Rewind: Natural Born Killers
  • At first it's difficult to shake the feeling that it's kitschy schlock that they're radiating, rather than the sinister malevolence they may be aiming for.
  • `Still, that's what I get for dating a guy who's into schlocky horror pics. I.O.U. - SOMEONE HAS TO PAY
  • This is the kind of thing that schlocky TV producers love.
  • Meanwhile, rather naughtily, the effects team for the movie, the Brothers Strause, are facing a possible lawsuit for using effects they designed for Battle: Los Angeles in their own LA-invasion schlock-buster Skyline. LA gets blown up once again in Battle: Los Angeles
  • If all you're looking for is the spectacularity and novelty value of a cutting-edge 3D Hollywood Schlocksbuster, Beowulf does do the business. Archive 2007-11-01
  • There's something for everyone here: work on a vast scale to small collages; photorealism to neo-pop and schlock. Times, Sunday Times
  • His doggedly four-square phrasing was more jazz-schlock than jazz-rock. Times, Sunday Times
  • Though he had earlier worked with revered filmmakers such as Victorio De Sica, Roberto Rossellini and Ingmar Bergman, some of his schlock included the plantation drama "Mandingo," the horror film "Amityville II," the cult comedy "Army of Darkness" and Madonna's "Body of Evidence. Dino De Laurentiis Dies
  • Debuting in 1964, the series balanced wholesomely silly schlock with enough clever satire of traditional family shows like Father Knows Best to appeal to kids and adults alike.
  • The most apropos description of this cycle of inherent decrepitude is perhaps the Yiddish word schlock, meaning something "cheap, shoddy, or inferior. Schlock Doctrine: Where, and by Whom, Was Your Christmas Made?
  • It doesn't help when the episode is established in a tomb-raiding scene so derivative of '80s adventure schlock that I felt like I was in middle school.
  • The dull picture here befits the cheap production values of this schlock.
  • Like many bands playing earnestly banal semi-derived emo schlock they've connected with an audience of disaffected youth who find comfort in their cranked up pop music and simplistic lyrics.
  • The gift store sells both tasteful gifts and cheap schlock.

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