How To Use Schematically In A Sentence

  • Schematically shaded at its lower and right sides, the golf ball is illusionistically modeled not in the round but in relief, as is often the case with the apples and oranges of Cezanne.
  • To put it schematically, I show that the animal runs alongside and undermines the narrative belief in subjective interiority as the sole marker of historical being.
  • The process is shown schematically in figure 3.
  • To assign a word to a particular word class - to say of a word that it is a noun, verb, or whatever - is to claim that the word instantiates the schematically characterized word class.
  • Lipid positions in the plane of the membrane are denoted schematically as ovals.
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  • schematically outlined
  • A schematically shows how a glass micropipette is brought in contact with the cell, and B, using a higher magnification, a part of the cell membrane, with ion channels, in close contact with the tip of the pipette. Physiology or Medicine 1991 - Press Release
  • Pushkin's narrators are only schematically described, because what matters is not who they are but how they perceive the world.
  • At least the track chart schematically showed the position of the turnouts and the lengths of each track.

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