[ UK /skˈæti/ ]
  1. lost in thought; showing preoccupation
    the scatty glancing quality of a hyperactive but unfocused intelligence
    an absentminded professor
    an absent stare
  2. lacking sense or discretion
    his rattlebrained crackpot ideas
    how rattlepated I am! I've forgotten what I came for
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How To Use scatty In A Sentence

  • Anyone who has seen Joan Rivers in action will recognise the characters as no-nonsense Beverly (Chaffin) and scatty Ronna (Denbo) wrest control of our love lives. Ronna and Beverly
  • She's impulsive and emotional, scatty, hello darling, mwah mwah, and dressed all wrong. TV review: The Deep and Glamour Models, Mum and Me
  • She has a kindly, slightly scatty manner and a lively twinkle in her eye.
  • He's always told Sadie her staff are scatty and unreliable - and now he feels he's been left looking stupid.
  • His scatty style might seem to some carefully contrived, but through the chinks of his eccentricity something else comes through: genuine sweetness and innocence.
  • As scatty or daft as I may come across here at times, work is hugely important to me, a very close second to Willow to be quite honest.
  • They job is making sure that scatty, ill-disciplined journalists sound like they actually know what they're talking about.
  • They are excellent, and so am I when I am not lazy, dumb, prejudiced, boring, offensive, and scatty. The Awesome Movement and the Dreaded Even Thoughs
  • As for Elliot, she's as scatty as a fruit fly, the constant butt of Cox's cutting jokes.
  • Seriously scatty, it was almost as if she was oblivious to her surroundings and continued to live exactly as she had in Manhattan.
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