[ UK /skˈætɐ/ ]
[ US /ˈskætɝ/ ]
  1. cause to separate
    break up kidney stones
    disperse particles
  2. sow by scattering
    scatter seeds
  3. to cause to separate and go in different directions
    She waved her hand and scattered the crowds
  4. move away from each other
    The crowds dispersed
    The children scattered in all directions when the teacher approached
  5. distribute loosely
    He scattered gun powder under the wagon
  6. strew or distribute over an area
    He spread fertilizer over the lawn
    scatter cards across the table
  1. a haphazard distribution in all directions
  2. the act of scattering
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How To Use scatter In A Sentence

  • Brigalow vegetation is found to the east, and gidgee (A. cambagei) woodlands or shrublands are scattered across the region on alluvium or other more fertile clay soils. Eastern Australia mulga shrublands
  • I could perceive no trace of a metallic vein, so thoroughly had it been worked out, but scattered over the hillside with schist, talcose slate, and fragments of quartz, was a great deal of scoriae, showing that metal of some kind had been excavated, and that the smelting had been done on the spot. Wanderings by southern waters, eastern Aquitaine
  • This inversion technique takes into account atmospheric effects on the radiation and spatial variations in the surface emissivity and backscatter.
  • Nilufer Bharucha, faculty in the department of English and project coordinator, explained that the term diaspora means to be scattered or dispersed across national boundaries, and has been self-consciously used today by postcolonial theorists to describe those who got displaced from their home owing to colonial politics and post-colonial economic realities. Analysis
  • Besides that, there flourished some tufts of velvety grass, some scattered reeds, two plants of the yellow herb called tansy, four of a red flower, and a pretty white one; but the treasures of the rock consisted of three roots of garlic, which Maie had put in a cleft. The Lilac Fairy Book
  • Even in smaller hamlets or regions of scattered farmsteads, forms of interdependence may be recognized in early laws and custumals.
  • Scattered trees, mainly acacias and junipers, dot the savanna.
  • Tear the mozzarella into pieces and scatter over, along with the fresh basil and rocket. The Sun
  • And the latices diameter and distributions were determined by High Performance Particle Size HPPS hpp5001 dynamic laser scatter instrument.
  • The group scattered and Justin scrambled to the school.
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