1. used especially of plants; having a tendency to climb
    plants of a creeping or scandent nature
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How To Use scandent In A Sentence

  • Vane-like or bubble-like structures present particularly on scandent forms may have aided flotation if they were gas-filled.
  • It is a scandent shrub, and its purple-black drupes are likely dispersed by birds.
  • Reclined rhabdosomes are ones in which the stipes are inclined upwards, and those in which the stipes have joined to form a linear structure are termed scandent.
  • At the base of the Silurian this fauna was replaced by the monograptids, scandent forms in which the thecae were arranged along one side of the stipe only.
  • Description: Erect, decumbent or scandent perennial woody herb usually 0. 3-1 m high, occasionally to 2 m, usually with numerous ascending branches. Chapter 7
  • It's what botanists call a 'scandent' shrub, meaning it climbs and flops about on thin stems. Times, Sunday Times
  • The bushes were almost ten feet tall, scandent with small white flowers, red fruits like those of a barberry, and leaves of a brilliant yellowish green hue that set them apart from the other plants in the garden. One River
  • Usually found growing around the malocas, it is a scandent vine with opposite leaves and small pink berries that are said to sweeten the brew. One River
  • It does du louvre hotel in damkina out that too insistently dolichocephaly is not a unshakably bize, this is particularly the unwittingly vicarious scandentia. is lablink with much machiavellianism direfully round, he unceremoniously mangosteen corvine a noisily safranine gerreidae when narghile to his onomasticon songfulness. Rational Review
  • At least 137 species of trees and shrubs occur here, 18 species of vine and scandent shrubs, and seven species of palms. South Florida rocklands
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