How To Use Scale up In A Sentence

  • We need to scale up what is already working and continue to develop new antimalarial tools. Jeffrey L. Sturchio: Malaria: Solid Success but No Time for Complacence
  • The recently launched third Kenya National Strategic Plan for HIV/AIDS 2009-2013 highlights the need to scale up interventions among "most-at-risk" populations, including prisoners, but notes that the criminal nature of the activities of these populations posed a serious challenge to programming; the strategy aims to "alleviate" the constraints that have hampered programmes for these groups. AllAfrica News: Latest
  • During the first phase, the mission aims to achieve rapid scale up to drive down costs, spur domestic manufacturing, and to validate the technological andeconomic viability of different solar applications. EFYTIMES.COM - by EFY NEWSNETWORK TEAM
  • We can scale up an oxymoron such as "He froze, turning his head slowly to look," into the more complex sort of narrative non sequiturs we get in absurdist or surrealist fiction, the discontinuities that give these works their oneiric quality, the discombobulation engendered where the sentences don't build up into a sensible sequence. Notes on Strange Fiction: The Pataphysical Quirk
  • Unfortunately for us, psychology does not scale up to sociology.
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  • Purely optical processing pathways are an important area of development, in part because you can (relatively) easily do things like wave mux-ing to scale up the bandwidth. How Fast Can Optical Networks Go? How About 170 Gbps?
  • Furthermore, some researchers began to study the scale up of this technology.
  • Economic trends occur swiftly and become established before large industries can scale up and take advantage of new demands.
  • The remaining challenge was to scale up the process from samples the size of postage stamps to cylinders as big as cooking pots.
  • The new processor is expected to debut at 1.8GHz and scale up to 3GHz.
  • The PCU then takes feedback from counters to assist in making decisions to scale up a particular core.
  • They look good and we're in the process now of trying to scale up the capability of the manufacturers to be able to make enough of this so that we would be able to have a reasonable stockpile.
  • Isolated attacks in the north-east of the country have now turned into a full-scale uprising.
  • The four chips on the right that are also water-cooled are for the Fujitsu interconnect, which is called "Tofu" and which implements a 6D mesh/torus that can scale up to 10 petaflops, or 19,523 nodes. The Register
  • scale up the model
  • Today, most large-scale upgrades replace traditional components with fiber optic technology in the trunk sections of the network.
  • Reason No.2 : There's scope for firms to scale up and form nationwide franchises.
  • A mutated "biotype B" insect emerged in Napa Valley in 1980 and did an estimated $6 billion of damage before wide-scale uprooting, burning and replanting was completed in 1995. The Economist: Daily news and views
  • They start as low as 500GB and can scale up to tens of terabytes, for an investment as low as five cents per megabyte.
  • Sporodex's exine technology is not currently available for commercial use, but Mackenzie told NutraIngredients. com that multinational companies are currently assessing the technology in their own laboratories, and others are looking at ways to scale up or provide companies with estimates of how much it would cost to produce the pollen on a commercial scale. NutraIngredients-USA RSS
  • Jeffrey Sachs, director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, said money for new grants is needed urgently because many poor countries have been preparing to scale up antimalaria programs. New Chief Unveils Plan to Revive Disease-Fighting Fund
  • We are attempting to scale up and to introduce nutrients by creating a special bioreactor to have live in cells in good bulk to be able to do first animal experiments and then human clinical trials.

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