How To Use Saxhorn In A Sentence

  • Major Lawson was a fine cornet player, and finding the scale of the service bugle too restricted he obtained permission to add to it a valve attachment, which made the bugle a chromatic instrument like the cornet, in fact practically a saxhorn. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 3 "Brescia" to "Bulgaria"
  • All these valve instruments may be comprehended under the French name of saxhorn. Scientific American Supplement No. 819, September 12, 1891
  • Here's a picture NB snapped of the two oldest instruments in the group, the 1860 Civil War era baritone saxhorn and an old fashioned upright Sousaphone*, aka "raincatcher" from 1889: Archive 2008-12-01
  • Two blocks up Fifth Avenue, at the terrace of Rockefeller Centre, two women and a man in Salvation Army uniforms played hymns on three trumpets in close harmony (a change from yesterday, when that stand bad been occupied only by an Army officer with a baritone saxhorn which he could barely play), but they didn't matter - the men weren't working Rockefeller Centre any more, having already done for that area. Anywhen
  • The euphonium and bombardon, the basses of the important family of saxhorns, now completely cover the ground of bass wind instrument music. Scientific American Supplement No. 819, September 12, 1891
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  • [Footnote 42: The _saxhorn_ was invented about 1840 by Adolphe Sax, a Music Notation and Terminology
  • For a very small addition to his stipend, Schmucke played the viola d'amore, hautboy, violoncello, and harp, as well as the piano, the castanets for the _cachucha_, the bells, saxhorn, and the like. Cousin Pons
  • In fact, he did not even use one brass band: there are no cornets, saxhorns and bombardons in the score, but there is extra orchestral brass.
  • Heard on the fundamentally different, narrow-bored period cornets, althorn, saxhorn etc (all the Wallace Collection's early instruments are described in detail for cognoscenti) they come up fresh and lucid.
  • The euphonium differs from the B baritone saxhorn at the same pitch in being considerably wider in bore.
  • The _bass tuba_ is a member of the saxhorn family [42] and supplies the lowest part of the brass choir, as the double-bass does in the string choir. Music Notation and Terminology

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