[ US /ˈseɪv/ ]
[ UK /sˈe‍ɪv/ ]
  1. make unnecessary an expenditure or effort
    I'll save you the trouble
    This will save you a lot of time
    This will save money
  2. save from ruin, destruction, or harm
  3. to keep up and reserve for personal or special use
    She saved the old family photographs in a drawer
  4. refrain from harming
  5. bring into safety
    We pulled through most of the victims of the bomb attack
  6. record data on a computer
    boot-up instructions are written on the hard disk
  7. spend less; buy at a reduced price
  8. spend sparingly, avoid the waste of
    This move will save money
    The less fortunate will have to economize now
  9. save from sins
  10. retain rights to
    keep my job for me while I give birth
    keep my seat, please
    keep open the possibility of a merger
  11. accumulate money for future use
    He saves half his salary
  1. (sports) the act of preventing the opposition from scoring
    the relief pitcher got credit for a save
    the goalie made a brilliant save
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How To Use save In A Sentence

  • We welcome submissions through e-mail because that saves us the bother of retyping the selected manuscripts.
  • Why not put in some overtime at the office and find the company a way to save money, increase efficiency, or improve on a product?
  • He opens the door for me, and I slide in, scooting over to save him a trip.
  • The ensuing grassroots campaign failed to save "embrangle" (to confuse or entangle) and "caliginosity" (dimness, darkness). Jezebel
  • ‘I'm sure the retained men are not valued as highly but they work 12 hours and then are on call - if those bleepers go then they have to race to the station, perhaps to save someone's life,’ he said.
  • We may still be able to save Las Vegas, as it is encysted by libertarian Nevada... but San Francisco, I fear, is already seething with the RED VIRUS, which has spread to it's outer "Bay Area" provinces, such as Mountain View and other Silicon Valley cities. Obama's Commie Mama
  • If we don't save the rich people today they might be extinct tomorrow just like the dinosaurs. * shedding a fake tear for the plight of the rich* knixphan Says: Think Progress
  • Jeffrey's voice was rough and his words were harsh but Anthony remained calm and cool, save his eyes.
  • The business of the dairy, like the feeding of hogs and poultry, is originally carried on as a save-all. XI. Book I. Of the Rent of Land
  • Two executives of a notorious stockbroking firm that fleeced more than 8,000 savers were banned from the City yesterday. Times, Sunday Times
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