How To Use Sauciness In A Sentence

  • The traditional home of the dirty weekend has acquired a few stylish new hotels of late, but for sheer sauciness, none of them can match this one.
  • A lot of adults won't admit it, but they find slapstick comedy funny as well - especially if it's combined with a little bit of harmless sauciness.
  • I can make a man blush by saying something sincere, with a dollop of sauciness thrown in.
  • It is taboo, embarrassment and sexuality's enforced covertness which foments ‘sauciness’, prurience, and notions of filth.
  • We are surrounded on a daily basis by sex and yet television still gets singled out when there's a little bit of sauciness on.
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  • That she now looks like a kindly old grandmother only heightens the jolt and joke of her sauciness, which may be why she's even more crazily adored than when she flaunted a whisk and an outsize libido as Sue Ann Nivens on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" or found fresh poetry in daffiness as Rose Nylund in "The Golden Girls. NYT > Home Page
  • But now, as to be silent of men's defects and vices is a piece of flattery, and flattery a degenerous and unworthy thing; yet, that all people may not promiscuously think themselves called upon to reprove and declare against whatsoever they see amiss in others, and so mistake that for charity and duty, which is indeed nothing else but sauciness and impertinence, it will be convenient to shew, Sermons Preached Upon Several Occasions. Vol. V.
  • When I saw it I thought you had sent it back in a huff, tired out by my sauciness, and coldness, and delays, and were going to keep an account of dimities and sayes, or to salt pork and chronicle small beer as the dutiful wife of some fresh-looking, rural swain; so that you cannot think how surprised and pleased I was to find them all done. Selected English Letters
  • Despite her self-possession, Ali, 35, does not always radiate calm sauciness.
  • It peeked out from under the rim of my dad's dressing-gown with a horrible sauciness.
  • But don't notice it further: I wished to punish her sauciness, that's all.

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