How To Use Satisfyingly In A Sentence

  • It is not detailed for show but is satisfyingly clean, and brightened up by chromed air filter rain guards and polished trim.
  • In this high-tech age ballooning is satisfyingly old-fashioned, though it has come a long way since the first balloon attempts of the 18th century.
  • With over 400 episodes now under its belt, The Simpsons benefits greatly from the movie treatment, at once appropriately epic but satisfyingly modest; there isn't much in the film that hasn't already been touched on in some fashion beforehand, but The Simpsons Movie is perhaps most brilliant in finding that fine line between new and old, current and timeless, specific and universal, making its exploits at once reassuringly familiar and invigoratingly fresh. The Simpsons Movie (2007): B+
  • We also shared a portion of Fried Seaweed which was satisfyingly crispy.
  • A satisfyingly gruesome eyeful that gets you asking why you can't avert your gaze. Times, Sunday Times
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  • The exploitation of human weakness both fascinates and disgusts him, and he is able to weave the familiar elements of his fictional universe into a plot that unwinds satisfyingly and with a certain sickening inevitability. Old Media Monday: Reviewing the Reviewers
  • The story strands past and present are knitted together in a satisfyingly coherent manner. Times, Sunday Times
  • At least the new films have produced some satisfyingly irksome tagline puns.
  • I always use "unkind" -- it feels satisfyingly quaint. Gawker Reckoning - Anil Dash
  • I find something satisfyingly timeless about it, with sunlight on the Georgian orange brick, the feeling that perhaps the rector is within, preparing his sermon to be preached in the equally satisfying Perpendicular church at the back. The Langton Messiah
  • Actually I tucked a few bearberry plants among them as a salve to his feelings, and that spread almost as satisfyingly as the woodruff.
  • The echoing bonks as they bounced down the concrete stairs was satisfyingly loud.
  • Where x is directly proportional to the reasonableness of a listener and N represents a number of points of evidence required to convince that listener satisfyingly, N - x represents a lower threshold beneath which the explanation is deemed insufficient while N + x represents a higher threshold above which the explanation is deemed belaboured. Arguing With Geeks 1
  • My son has lost a tooth, in satisfyingly gory scenes during school assembly. Times, Sunday Times
  • The kale adds a good texture and flavour, and there are satisfyingly big pieces of chicken. Times, Sunday Times
  • When shooting, the camera is satisfyingly responsive, with quick autofocus and minimal shutter delay.
  • The songs shake along quite satisfyingly, as the two guitars rasp out post punk, alt-rock riffs set against solid pulsating basslines.
  • It shatters satisfyingly when hammered, and it does so in a characteristic way.
  • They look not only fantastic but satisfyingly phantasmagorical. Times, Sunday Times
  • They get their comeuppance in the end in satisfyingly brutal fashion.
  • I've always felt - in no small measure because of this work - that Holst's story was left unsatisfyingly unfinished.
  • It is possible to see the width of the boarder's trail change as you carve turns, and snow sprays satisfyingly when you screech to a stop.
  • But there is still something unsatisfyingly vague in the claim that publication and reading practices ‘affected even the most empirical and technical of the mathematical sciences’.
  • The indigo colourway is the most satisfyingly seasidey, but there is a pink if you prefer. Times, Sunday Times
  • It was a tasty vegetable potage accompanied by satisfyingly fresh rolls.
  • It is an elegant procedure, producing satisfyingly concrete results when it works, which it did for us.
  • Red onion escabeche and a wasabi aïoli provided a satisfyingly sandwichy finish. Times, Sunday Times
  • Satisfyingly, the audience is allowed to do the investigative work themselves.
  • Blend with a stick whizzer or in a food processor until perfectly smooth and satisfyingly green. The Sun
  • It is an elegant procedure, producing satisfyingly concrete results when it works, which it did for us.
  • The story strands past and present are knitted together in a satisfyingly coherent manner. Times, Sunday Times
  • This leads me to a final criticism: This is a university press book seeking serious consideration, yet it has unsatisfyingly unorthodox notes in place of proper source references.
  • As we were talking, he joined in the loading of foliage onto the fire. There's something satisfyingly social about a fire. People are drawn to it as some primal gene kicks in taking us back to our caveman sensibilities.
  • According to conventional wisdom, the lost Inca city of Machu Picchu was discovered in 1911 by Hiram Bingham, a dashing American explorer with a satisfyingly assonant name who later went on to be the Governor of Connecticut and a US Senator. Nunc Scio » Blog Archive » Who really discovered Machu Picchu?
  • It broke sharply and satisfyingly, like good peanut brittle.
  • Many strands remain unresolved but so satisfyingly complex is the central subject, that a few loose ends really don't matter. Times, Sunday Times
  • His nicely designed and satisfyingly content-rich website should help me to educate myself.
  • I enjoyed the satisfyingly starchy combination of roasted beets and artichokes with the subtle watercress, spunked up by some bitter endive and a nice, salty taleggio crostino. Michelle Won: My Trip to the Nutcracker and Dinner at Po, Which Ended Up Being Nutcracker Part 2
  • Flavours are assertive without being pungent and the food is satisfyingly filling without the heaviness of some of the other regional cuisines.
  • Today the EU is satisfyingly mired in impasse following the Irish vote against the Lisbon treaty. Archive 2008-08-24
  • Clearly, there's no shortage of readers eager to hitch a sledge-ride into the lost world of pemmican, finnesko, man-hauling and hoosh, satisfyingly sealed off in time by the jagged crevasse of World War I.
  • Riff-centric tracks like ‘The Operative’ and ‘Insomnia’ make judicious use of Amphetamine Reptile's back catalog - a satisfyingly untrendy decision.
  • Following the models set in lauded tales from "A Christmas Carol" to "Mary Poppins", the four Willoughbys hope to attain their proscribed happy ending too, or at least a satisfyingly maudlin one. The Willoughbys: Summary and book reviews of The Willoughbys by Lois Lowry.
  • There's something satisfyingly symmetrical about that. Times, Sunday Times
  • If it hits the sensor, you're rewarded with the satisfyingly realistic sound of a ball thunking into the bottom of the hole.
  • In this underworld, the movement turned more satisfyingly aggressive, with influences of capoeira and African dance.
  • He tried writing short stories, unsatisfyingly.
  • I am astonished that something cooked with such ease can be this satisfyingly sweet and flavoursome. Cookery masterclass: Alain Ducasse
  • Powell's florid story and Makinen's elegant draftsmanship create a vision of Dracula more satisfyingly cinematic than many of the movies, and they give both him and Holmes a super-villain and - hero look, which seems appropriate. 3 books about Dracula
  • Actually I tucked a few bearberry plants among them as a salve to his feelings, and that spread almost as satisfyingly as the woodruff.
  • You need look no further than "ET - The Extra-Terrestrial" to see an example of how the frightening prospect of the alien from outer space -- depicted as monstrous in a series of movies from the 1950s through the 1980s -- had now been dealt with far more satisfyingly, by being infantilized. Harry Shearer: Don't Demonize Political Opponents, Infantilize Them
  • His tone on the viola is satisfyingly rich and rounded, surely the envy of many a lifelong violist.
  • Try the satisfyingly rich omelets: fluffy eggs with such classic fillings as Gruyère and mushrooms playing hide-and-seek in the center.
  • His real achievement, though, is effortlessly synthesizing a dizzying array of dissonant phenomena (Cold War espionage, ecstatic religiosity), incongruous pairings (Darwinism, Tantric sex), and otherwise schizy ephemera (psychedelic drugs, spaceflight) into a cogent, satisfyingly complete narrative. Cover to Cover
  • There are potatoes (satisfyingly dirty), onions, broccoli, tomatoes, a lettuce, parsnips, bananas (very small), apples and clementines.
  • I write my drafts with pens--usually those really excellent Japanese gelly roll pens, which lay down a satisfyingly slug-like trail of gleaming ink--in little books, little so that your 1500 words or whatever the daily amount is covers 4 or 5 pages and makes you feel productive. Thoughts on (hand)writing
  • Some parts of the world remain satisfyingly oblivious to all this palaver, however, as this true tale from a Scottish hostelry so splendidly proves.
  • For liberals, such explanations are unsatisfyingly superficial.
  • There's something satisfyingly symmetrical about that. Times, Sunday Times
  • Crisp yellow leaves scrunched satisfyingly underfoot, giving off a sweet sad scent.
  • There is a slightly 'bitty' start with the flashbacks to Cormac's childhood not providing a smooth introduction to the story, but once you leap over that hurdle the story progresses much more satisfyingly. The Shadow of the Scorpion by Neal Asher
  • It ends perfectly, with a satisfyingly decisive, koto-like twang.
  • The aromatic fish soup is satisfyingly seasoned with saffron and served with the traditional and expertly prepared rouille and croutons. Karine Bakhoum: Souper Tasty Resolutions for 2012

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