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[ US /ˌsætəsˈfæktɹi, ˌsætɪsˈfæktɝi/ ]
[ UK /sˌætɪsfˈæktəɹˌi/ ]
  1. giving satisfaction
    satisfactory living conditions
    his grades were satisfactory
  2. meeting requirements
    I would kill for a decent cup of coffee
    the step makes a satisfactory seat
    a decent wage
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How To Use satisfactory In A Sentence

  • Its heroes were beastly revellers or cruel and ferocious plunderers; its heroines unsexed hoidens, playing the ugliest tricks with their lovers, and repaying slights with bloody revenge, -- very dangerous and unsatisfactory companions for any other than the fire - eating Vikings and redhanded, unwashed Berserkers. The Conflict with Slavery and Others, Complete, Volume VII, The Works of Whittier: the Conflict with Slavery, Politics and Reform, the Inner Life and Criticism
  • _clear, fair_, and _satisfactory_, not in our being always ready to offer an explanation, whether satisfactory or not. Gentle Measures in the Management and Training of the Young Or, the Principles on Which a Firm Parental Authority May Be Established and Maintained, Without Violence or Anger, and the Right Development of the Moral and Mental Capacities Be Promoted by Met
  • The criticisms of the law, and the absence of any satisfactory rationale justifies this course.
  • They evidently find the densely planted crop a satisfactory alternative to the nettles and brambles that they generally build in. Times, Sunday Times
  • Competition is keen and candidates must offer a minimum of an upper second class honours degree together with evidence of satisfactory financial arrangements.
  • We might or might not be able to suggest a satisfactory solution.
  • Do moral arguments provide an unsatisfactory basis upon which to prohibit insider dealing?
  • I have this satisfactory stereotype in my mind's eye, all broken veins and Mittel Europa. LOOKING FOR THE SPARK
  • This answer, you'll see by the enclosed news paper, was unanimously voted to be not satisfactory to the Town, and the next day, on Mr. Hutchinson's sending into the Town Meeting an answer of the same purport, both his and ours were voted to be daringly affrontive to the Tea Leaves Being a Collection of Letters and Documents relating to the shipment of Tea to the American Colonies in the year 1773, by the East India Tea Company. (With an introduction, notes, and biographical notices of the Boston Tea Party)
  • Adding to this problem is increasing pressure on teachers to demonstrate that their students are performing at satisfactory levels in the standard subjects.
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