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[ UK /sˌætɪsfˈækʃən/ ]
[ US /ˌsætəsˈfækʃən, ˌsætɪsˈfækʃən/ ]
  1. (law) the payment of a debt or fulfillment of an obligation
    the full and final satisfaction of the claim
  2. compensation for a wrong
    we were unable to get satisfaction from the local store
  3. state of being gratified or satisfied
    dull repetitious work gives no gratification
    to my immense gratification he arrived on time
  4. the contentment one feels when one has fulfilled a desire, need, or expectation
    the chef tasted the sauce with great satisfaction
  5. act of fulfilling a desire or need or appetite
    the satisfaction of their demand for better services
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How To Use satisfaction In A Sentence

  • They have recognized that their business depends on world of mouth, and that world of mouth is based on customer satisfaction.
  • We were constantly rewarded with stunning scenic views and the satisfaction of navigating challenging terrain with ease, but we didn't get very far, as the crow flies.
  • Many students derived enormous satisfaction from the course.
  • Work with customer service department to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Actual results may differ materially from those set forth in this release due to the risks and uncertainties inherent in Somaxon's business, including, without limitation, Somaxon's interpretation of its communications and interactions with the FDA relating to the requirements for approval of the NDA for Silenor, and the FDA's agreement with such interpretation; Somaxon's interpretation of the results of the clinical trials for Silenor, the timing of the interpretation of such results and the FDA's agreement with such interpretation; the potential for Somaxon to make a resubmission to the Silenor NDA; the potential for Silenor to receive regulatory approval for one or more indications on a timely basis or at all; the potential for the FDA to impose non-clinical, clinical or other requirements to be completed before or after regulatory approval of Silenor; Somaxon's ability to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the FDA that potential NDA approval of Silenor is appropriate prior to the completion of standard, long-term carcinogenicity studies, given the context of completed trials and pending studies; the timing and results of non-clinical studies for Silenor, and the FDA's agreement with Somaxon's interpretation of such results; Digital 50 Daily Industry News RSS Feed
  • If the borsholder could not find such a number to answer for their innocence, the decennary was compelled by fine to make satisfaction to the king, according to the degree of the offence. [ The History of England in Three Volumes, Vol.I., Part A. From the Britons of Early Times to King John
  • Finally, dissatisfaction with housing conditions produced schemes for slum clearance or improvement and substantial house-building programmes.
  • We must think of ourselves, not in terms of the satisfaction we get, from what we eat, or enjoy as pleasure, or entertainment today.
  • Their satisfaction, well-being and enjoyment of the race are their primary goals.
  • Self-interest and self-satisfaction are replaced with self-reflection and significant improvement.
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