How To Use Sannyasi In A Sentence

  • By himself becoming a Hindu and a sannyasin, he has challenged the obnoxious caste system.
  • Ramachandra (Victory to Ramachandra) roza ryot - peasant, farmer sadhu sanatanji (Hindu) sannyasi satyagraha satyagrahi seth, sheth APPENDIX I
  • Those who renounce worldly goods and become sannyasi, wandering holy mendicants, as the boy claims to have, are greatly respected in Hindu society. Hindu holy man, 13, keeps the faith after parents abduct him
  • Basic facts of Indian history and life are laboriously spelt out in early chapters while in others the author assumes that readers know the meanings of Hindi words such as sannyasi someone who has renounced worldly things and be acquainted with the workings of Indian 'vote banks'. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph
  • Ordinarily, a traditional sannyasin would not have accepted them.
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  • A Buddhist minister and his sangha or a swami and his sannyasins can be every bit as pious and self-righteous as a Christian priest and his congregation.
  • He had taken to life of sannyasin at this tender age of boyhood.
  • In India it is not unknown for a man who has possessed great power and wealth to discard everything when he reaches a certain age recognisable to him when it comes not by dates and times, but by an inward certainty put on the yellow robe of a sannyasi, and go away with nothing but a begging bowl, at once into the world and out of it. A Rare Benedictine
  • For the next 30 years Dadaji wandered south east Asia as a penniless sannyasi. FAQ: Adinatha FAQ Revision 2.0a by Mike Magee
  • Shortly after the Greek warrior had arrived in Taxila in northern India, he sent a messenger, Onesikritos, a disciple of the Hellenic school of Diogenes, to fetch an Indian teacher, Dandamis, a great sannyasi of Taxila. Autobiography of a Yogi
  • One great-sannyasi refused to receive her because she was a woman; her reply brought him humbly to her feet. Autobiography of a Yogi
  • A sannyasi can walk from one end of the Subcontinent to the other, with nothing but a loindoth, his staff and a begging bowl, because people will share what little they have with him. Unmasking The Mother
  • This is a profound practice performed by sagacious sannyasins especially.
  • Then came the Emissary in the guise of a holy man (and I thought it the most dangerous disguise he could have assumed, for I wonder the police do not arrest every sannyasi and fakir on suspicion) and brought us the Message. Driftwood Spars The Stories of a Man, a Boy, a Woman, and Certain Other People Who Strangely Met Upon the Sea of Life
  • There are also sannyasi orders, such as the Nathas, that exist outside the Dasanami and akhara systems.

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