How To Use Sanitate In A Sentence

  • Inter auxilia multa adhibita, duo visa sunt remedium adferre, usus seri caprini cum extracto Hellebori, et irrigatio ex lacte Nympheae, violarum, &c. suturae coronali adhibita; his remediis sanitate pristinam adeptus est. Anatomy of Melancholy
  • Lib. de Decal. passiones maxime corpus offendunt et animam, et frequentissimae causae melancholiae, dimoventes ab ingenio et sanitate pristina, l. Anatomy of Melancholy
  • The temperature of the brain is corrupted by it, the humours adust, the eyes made to sink into the head, choler increased, and the whole body inflamed: and, as may be added out of Galen, 3. de sanitate tuendo, Anatomy of Melancholy
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