How To Use Sanitariness In A Sentence

  • To have real control over how all those people, under a lot of stress, and with very limited experience, are protecting the sanitariness of the product, is just very, very difficult," Hassebrook says of the meat industry. Undefined
  • There was no attention paid to sanitariness at all. Your Disgusting Head
  • He was a plutocrat of the first class; but in spite of the regulations which cut off the classes from communicating, with a view apparently to the continued sanitariness of the first class, the implication being that the second class was easily infectious and probably overrun, there he was every day and several times in every day. Christopher and Columbus
  • But I am afraid that the measures necessary to introduce what may be called the factory standard of sanitariness into every room, where work is being done for wages, would involve an amount of inspection and interference with the domestic lives of hundreds of thousands of people which might create such unpopularity as to defeat its own object. Constructive Imperialism
  • This being said, whereas one might question the sanitariness of a ground beef and potato picadillo burrito at your average fast food taco joint, here there's no question of the quality of the "meat n 'potato" feast, wrapped in flour tortilla here. Hungry Magazine

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